Financial Institutions - International Wire Transfers

International Wire TransfersCEIFX provides a multi-tier international wire transfer platform that utilizes CXI's network of wire correspondents. Access to the CXI system gives financial institutions a secure and easy to use international wire platform that is compliant with Dodd-Frank Regulation E and all Patriot Act BSA Regulations. Using CEIFX streamlines the wire transfer process from front line staff to the back office team based on the financial institution's unique setup strengthening security and compliance, yet simplifying the process.

With the ability to send international wires to more than 100 countries around the world, foreign denominated wires are an expansive payment option and the preferred way for many personal and business accounts. Partnering with CXI's international wire network taps your clients into rates, fees, and delivery times that are better than most available options. No one offers better pricing, security, compliance, and risk management solution packaged all together. Financial institutions everywhere can enhance their current wire offering by switching or starting international wires with CXI.

International Wire Transfers Features:

Dodd-Frank Regulation E

The CEIFX international wire platform is built with complete Dodd-Frank Regulation E integration, so your financial institution can easily comply with the consumer protection rights as it relates to foreign payments. With a simple three step process, prompted by the software, wire preparers are guided into sending international wires either as a Dodd-Frank wire or a standard wire. Dodd-Frank wires include all required information such as Date of Funds Available, Transfer Amounts, Other Fees, and Total to Beneficiary, and error resolution and cancellation rights to the wire sender on their receipt.

Easy To Use Interface

  • White labeled international wire transfer interface
  • Simplified Dodd-Frank Reg E wire process automates how a wire is sent
  • Integration into core banking software reduces multiple entries
  • Repetitive customer templates save repeat customers and accounts within the system for convenience and accuracy
  • SWIFT dictionary integration helps search for or confirm entry information provided by wire originator
  • Live email notifications for transaction status updates
  • Journal records track the history of each international wire transfer

Compliance Built At Its Core

  • Multi-tier approval system allows the financial institution to determine the approval process that best fits its needs
  • Wide variety of user roles and permissions within the multi-tier international wire system
  • Customized thresholds (daily and per wire) for each user controls the amount any one user can prepare, approve, or release
  • Increase accountability and security with revolving PIN codes
  • Customizable and "build your own" compliance reports provide access to view detailed information
  • Export reports to common file types
  • Live OFAC screening lets you know that transactions have been checked at the time of entry and allows compliance teams to review any matches prior to releasing the international wire
  • Heighten network security by limiting where the system can be accessed from to keep transactions secure and deter any breach attempts
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