Position Title: Security Awareness Training Specialist

Position Type

Full Time

Work Authorization

Eligible to work in the U.S.


Currency Exchange International (CXI) is a Financial Services and Technology Provider based in Orlando, Florida.

Currency Exchange International, Corp. is a publicly traded company on the Toronto Stock Exchange (CXI) and OTC (CURN). CXI provides a wide range of foreign exchange services to customers in both the United States and in Canada. CXI’s primary business channels to service customers are through its company-owned branch locations and foreign exchange partnerships with financial institutions and corporations. CXI has been providing global payment solutions for clients that span wide-ranging industries. As one of North America's leading foreign exchange wholesalers, CXI can provide personalized and efficient service, competitive rates, as well as a number of settlement options. To learn more, please visit: www.ceifx.com

Our Value Statement: We help our clients identify and create foreign exchange solutions, delivering a best practices approach through unparalleled customer service and integrated technology to create significant financial and operational efficiencies.

Our Values:

  • Customer First - We earn the right to be our clients’ first
  • Integrity - We hold ourselves to the highest standard to build trust.
  • Collaborative - We always win as a team.
  • Innovative - We find new methods to deliver change and advance technology to the industry.
  • Passionate - We are driven to be the best in class.

Currency Exchange International is looking for a proactive, results-driven, and organized professional to the join the team as a Security Awareness Training Specialist.

Description: The primary role of the Security Awareness Training Specialist is to create and deliver security awareness training programs and educational content. This empowers employees and end-users to understand and follow security best practices, enhancing the organization's security posture and promoting secure technology use. Additionally, this role plays a vital part in building a strong security culture throughout the organization.

This specialist may also support other IT GRC functions like governance, risk management, and compliance to identify and manage security risks effectively. Building strong relationships with team members and leaders across the organization is a key aspect of the role.

The ideal candidate should be highly-personable, intellectually curious, and adaptable in a dynamic environment.


Essential Functions:

  • Security Awareness Training: Develop and deliver engaging and effective security awareness training programs, ensuring that security best practices are understood and followed. Training must convey complex security concepts in an accessible way to a diverse audience and is tailored to the needs of various user groups.
  • Live Virtual Event Hosting: Comfortably delivers onboarding training and hosts engaging virtual events while in front of the camera.
  • Content Creation: Develop educational materials, including written guides, video tutorials, and interactive modules, to enable end users to effectively use the technology provided to them securely.
  • Cross-Training in IT GRC: Collaborate with the InfoSec GRC team to gain expertise in governance, risk management, and compliance activities, including evaluating security controls, policy reviews, third-party security assessments, and audit support.
  • Security Culture Promotion: Work closely with business leaders and stakeholders to promote a security-aware culture, emphasizing the importance of security in day-to-day operations.
  • Security Policy Enhancement: Review, improve, and update security and information security policies, ensuring they align with industry standards and regulatory requirements.
  • Security Awareness Metrics: Develop and track key performance indicators (KPIs) and key risk indicators (KRIs) related to security awareness to measure the effectiveness of training programs.
  • Collaborative Leadership: Collaborate effectively with colleagues, stakeholders, and leaders across multiple departments and organizations to socialize security strategies and achieve security awareness objectives.


Required Education & Experience:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in information security, Information Technology, Teaching, Marketing, or a related field.
  • 2-4 years of experience in security awareness training, teaching, content development, or related roles.
  • Proven experience with managing multiple projects concurrently
  • Demonstrate strong analytical thinking skills, showcasing the ability to analyze and express data-backed perspectives
  • Exceptional problem solving skills, ability to identify and address concerns promptly whilst encouraging constructive solutions
  • Proven ability to work seamlessly with colleagues, stakeholders, and leaders for consensus and goal achievement.


  • Action Oriented: Invests time in upfront planning to achieve organizational goals and objectives while meeting quality standards, following the appropriate processes, and demonstrating continuous commitment.
  • Functional Skills: Has the functional and technical knowledge and skills to do the job at a high level of accomplishment.
  • Situational Adaptability: Thrives and grows in a rapidly changing and complex environment. Displays flexibility, activates networks, and adopts a continuous growth mindset to learn from mistakes and bounce back from adversity.
  • Effective Communication: Effectively and appropriately interacts with others to build relationships, influence others, and facilitate the sharing of ideas and information. Uses tact and diplomacy to navigate difficult situations. Relays key messages by creating a compelling story, targeted to specific audiences.
  • Optimizing Work Processes: Employee knows the most effective and efficient processes to get things done, with a focus on continuous improvement.
  • Nimble Learning: Continuously seeks opportunities to learn, questions the applicability of past approaches in the current environment, owns growth, and embraces failure as a learning opportunity.


  • Flexibility for both remote working and the ability to work out of our main office location
  • Family oriented culture with an emphasis on understanding our employees' individual needs and growth opportunities
  • Commuter Reimbursement - CXI will pay the driving toll, bus or metro cost in and out of work
  • Holiday Pay – 11 days of paid designated holidays annually
  • Vacation Pay – 10 days of paid vacation time off annually
  • Sick/Personal Days – 5 days of paid sick/personal time off annually
  • 401K Plan - Company matches at 5%
  • Health/Dental/Vision - 60% payment of the Health/Dental/Vision Insurance premiums
  • Short and Long-Term Disability - Plan premiums are fully covered by CXI


Orlando, FL 32821

Salary Level / Compensation Type

$/Per Year


  • Commuter Reimbursement - CXI will pay the toll, bus or metro cost in and out of work
  • Vacation - 2 weeks of paid vacation
  • Sick/Personal Days - 1 week of paid sick/personal time off
  • Health/Dental/Vision - CXI pays 60% of the Health/Dental/Vision Insurance premiums
  • Short and Long-Term Disability - Plan premiums are fully covered by CXI
  • 401K Plan - Eligible to enroll in this plan after 1 year of employment, CXI matched up to 5%