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Financial institutions can benefit immensely from CXI’s foreign exchange expertise and full range of services. By partnering with CXI, banks and credit unions have the unique opportunity to expand their customer base while offering more to their existing customers. CXI offers a turn-key solution for wholesale foreign bank note trading (centralized) and in branch drop shipments (decentralized), international wire payments, foreign check clearing, and foreign draft issuance at the best rates and service in the industry. Being a full-service provider of foreign exchange services, CXI has the full suite of solutions that makes choosing your provider a much easier decision. This is why more than 900 companies exchange with CXI and its subsidiary at more than 12,000 distinct locations.

Available Services:

Foreign Bank Note Exchange
International Wire Transfers
Foreign Check Clearing
Foreign Draft Issuance

Grow Your International Department Without Increasing Risk or Costs

CXI is unique in the fact that it is proud to support our service partners by leveraging our expertise to improve their businesses in a variety of ways. This is unlike many other wholesale providers that are direct competitors with your financial institution. One way that CXI can improve the way you're currently conducting foreign currency is with its proprietary software CEIFX. The software gives risk and compliance departments access to a system with compliance at its core. Audits, reporting requirements, and OFAC checks are made easier with robust tools and reports customized for your institution's needs while meeting all regulatory requirements. The software's automated system can reduce the time involved in conducting foreign exchange services, inventory management, and reporting. Contact CXI for a demo of the CEIFX software today.

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Support No Other FX Provider Offers

Additionally, CXI supports partners with training, marketing and a live dedicated customer support line that is available until midnight (EST). One of the most significant ways CXI helps partners to grow their business is by providing customers with proven marketing material, such as digital rate boards, signage, collateral, online marketing, and graphics support. Upon signing up with CXI, a marketing plan can be devised that enhances your foreign currency exchange program and works within your current marketing agenda. These materials vary based on individual location needs and are highly effective in generating additional business and revenue from the FX services.

During CXI's onboarding process, financial institutions can determine the best method to train their staff. Training can be completed in person through classroom style group sessions, webinars, prerecorded training sessions, or a mixture of all of these methods. All training is customized uniquely for the financial institution's setup and roles of each user attending that particular training session. In conjunction with the software and procedure trainings, documentation is provided to further support the retention of the program. Utilizing CXI's foreign currency solutions will make your financial institution a more complete financial service provider to your customers.

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