Corporations - Foreign Currency Exchange Services

As one of the largest and highly regarded foreign currency exchange vendors, Currency Exchange International, Corp has built its reputation not only on providing highly competitive exchange rates and excellent customer service, but through the careful curation of mutually beneficial business relationships that offer you and your customer the best results. In addition to banks and other financial institutions, our wholesale foreign exchange clients typically include money-service businesses, hotel, resorts, tourist attractions and travel agencies in top travel destinations. CXI can help increase revenue at any of these locations by offering wholesale banknote trading at the best rates and services.

International payment services provided by CXI adds another dynamic way for corporations to take advantage of the company's experience, resources and relationships within the industry. Corporations have also found that international trade and the globalization of economies around the world offers tremendous opportunities for all types of businesses to grow and expand. Whether it be new untapped markets or enhancing how they operate in international markets they already service, today's complex and challenging business environment demands having an international payments partner that will elevate your business through financial and operational efficiencies. 

Available Foreign Exchange Services:

Foreign Banknote Exchange
International Wire Transfers
Foreign Check Clearing
Foreign Draft Issuance

Contact a dedicated account manager to conduct a business review of your specific situation. CXI takes the time to build the right setup for every relationship fully understanding the challenges that need to be addressed and identifying additional opportunities to create operational and financial efficiencies. Businesses find CXI's solutions are easy to manage and implement.

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