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CXI is one of the largest providers of foreign currency services to financial institutions and corporations in North America. Backed by the best FX software in the industry, CXI clients receive the best pricing and world-class customer service. Get free access to our resources now and learn how you can see rapid results when you choose to partner with CXI.

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CXI has the best rates guaranteed for your travel money and exchanges more than 80 foreign currencies for walk-up clients. Whether you're going to or coming back from your trip, find out why so many exchange their currency with us. Find the closest CXI branch to you on our locations page or reserve foreign currency pick up at any of our branch locations with OnlineFX. Try OnlineFX now and say hello to happy travels.

About Currency Exchange International, Corp

Currency Exchange International, Corp (CXI) is a leading provider of foreign currency exchange services in North America. We provide our services to individuals through our branch network in popular tourist destinations. We’re also one of the largest third party currency exchange providers to financial institutions and corporations. Our goal is to ensure every customer, no matter how large or small, comes away with the best foreign currency exchange experience possible when dealing with CXI.

  • 4 Best Practices for Cost Effective International Payments

    Here are some of the best practices to ensure you save your business the most money on all of your international payments.

  • How Much Currency You Need to go on Vacation to Hong Kong, China

    Planning your trip to Hong Kong? Know how much currency you need to have a great trip!

  • Repo goes berserko

    • US overnight treasury repo rates skyrocket to 7-10%, sparking bank liquidity fears.
    • No spillover effect into bond markets so far with US treasury and bund yields steady.
    • AUDUSD falls below 0.6855 channel support after dovish sounding RBA Minutes.
    • Canadian Manufacturing Sales miss expectations while US Industrial Production beats.
    • BOJ thinks they could cut rates further. JGB yields behaving now though.
    • Oil markets eagerly awaiting Prince Abdulaziz’s 1:15pmET press conference.

  • Hong Kong Currency: Everything You Need to Know

    Traveling to Hong Kong for business or just looking to enjoy all the wonders Hong Kong has to offer? In either case, you'll want to know some important facts about Hong Kong's currency. Check out all of the essentials.

  • Oil markets spike 15-20% higher after weekend attack on Saudi Arabia shuts down 50% of production

    • US Secretary of State Pompeo quick to blame Iran. China and Russia urging restraint. Iran slams accusations.
    • Saudi Arabia still exporting crude from stockpiles, but admits return to normal “may take months” (Reuters).
    • USDCAD, USDJPY and S&P futures gap lower, but sense of calm return to markets as oil traders fade sessions highs.
    • EURUSD slumps after disappointing NY close on Friday, angst ahead Fed’s rate decision on Wednesday.
    • BOE and BOJ meetings on deck this week as well + German ZEW, Australian jobs, Canadian CPI/Retail Sales.
    • Chinese Industrial Production and Retail Sales data disappoints for August. AUDUSD and copper weaker.

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