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Ultimate Guide: How To Tip When Traveling Around The World

How To Tip Around The World


While some countries expect tips, others consider tipping rude or extravagant. "From what I've noticed as a traveler, in some cultures you're treated as an honored guest, and guests just aren't expected to tip," said Wendy Perrin, TripAdvisor travel advocate.

With 196 countries in the world, figuring out how much you need to tip when traveling can seem overwhelming. 

Simply type in "TripAdvisor Tipping Etiquette: YOUR COUNTRY," and you'll get a link to the corresponding page with information on whether or not that country follows the whole tipping culture, and how much people normally do tip.

Type in "TripAdvisor Tipping Etiquette: Thailand," and you'll be directed to this page, where you'll find out that tipping is not customary in Thailand, although small gestures of gratuity for amazing service are appreciated.

"I always tip the housekeepers, doormen and bellman, but be aware that they often pool their tips," she said.

If you're planning to get some of your money changed over into the currency of the country where you'll be traveling, consider having a little extra converted if you expect to be tipping.

"A lot of travelers seem to travel with a bunch of dollar bills to hand out, and you should really try to tip in the country's currency," said Perrin.

"If tipping is appropriate in the country, then an additional tip is usually appreciated, always in cash," she said. So don't forget to reserve your currency once you book that flight. 


how to tip around the world when traveling


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