Thursday, April 23, 2015

Four Seasons' Private Jet Review: First Look Inside Newly Branded 757

Four Seasons' Private Jet Review: First Look Inside Newly Branded 757


The Four Seasons is hoping that up to 52 passengers will pay $119,000 each for the round-the-world honor on their shiny new plane.

Four Seasons has been offering private jet experiences with TCS since 2012, but it's the first private jet fully branded to the resort company, giving them much more control over service and logistics than they had chartering other people's planes.

There are, at minimum, 21 hotel-trained crew and staff on board each Four Seasons flight, including three pilots, two engineers, a "Journey manager", a concierge, and an executive chef. Flying with Four Seasons is a choice to meet, socialize, and share adventures with new people.

"We are obsessed with space and giving our guests as much as possible. Even the most luxurious private jet has only so much room to work with," explained Dana Kalczak, Four Seasons' vice president for design.

If a private airport isn't possible, Four Seasons arranges for expedited security lanes, and the jet is ready for boarding as soon as you clear security.

Flying the Four Seasons jet, you're also still bound by those 3-1-1 no-big-liquids carry-on commercial security rules, which renders the spaciously redesigned overhead bins a little room for question. So do you think it's fair? Tell us.

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Posted By Jacquelyn McMullen at 06:00 PM
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