Tuesday, July 7, 2015

You Can Now Take Selfies Inside The White House

You Can Now Take Selfies Inside The White House


Starting Wednesday, July 1, 2015 visitors on guided tours of the White House are allowed to take photos while inside.

"Effective today, guests are now welcome to take photos throughout the White House tour route and keep those memories for a lifetime," read a statement from the White House.

Visitors are also encouraged to share their photos on social media using the hashtag #WhiteHouseTour.

The first batch of visitors who are allowed to snap photos under the new rules were already posting excitedly from the tour.

The new rules mean that phones and compact cameras with a lens no longer than 3 inches will be allowed along the tour route and photography is permitted but "May not interfere with the enjoyment of other guests on the tour," according to the White House statement.

Some items will still be prohibited on the tour such as video cameras, cameras with detachable lenses, tablets, tripods and selfie sticks.

But don't even think about Periscoping, as livestreaming and all flash photography are still banned on the tour. To schedule your next White House tour read more here

Now over to you: 

When was the last time you went on a White House Tour? How do you feel about this change? Will you post your selfies or plan on taking some on your next tour? Share your selfies and opinions in the comments below.

Posted By Jacquelyn McMullen at 09:00 AM
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