Consumer Disclosures

Currency Exchange International, Corp is dedicated to providing a high quality service to all consumers in accordance to applicable state and federal regulations. If you are a consumer in one of the following states in which CXI conducts business in, you will find your rights as it relates to our business.

A.  District of Columbia
B.  Florida
C.  Massachusetts
D.  Texas
E.  Utah
F.  Virginia
G.  Washington

District of Columbia

Currency Exchange International, Corp. is a licensed money transmitter in the District of Columbia. If you suspect or want to report fraud please contact 1(888) 998-3948 (USA) or for consumer complaints contact the District of Columbia Department of Insurance, Securities and Banking at (202) 727-8000 or by visiting the following website https://disb.dc.gov/service/file-complaint-or-report-fraud


Currency Exchange International, Corp. is a licensed money transmitter under Chapter 560, Florida Statutes. For suspected violations of Chapter 560, Florida Statutes, call Currency Exchange International, Corp. at (888) 998-3948 or contact the Florida Office of Financial Regulation, 200 East Gaines Street, Tallahassee, FL 32399-0376, (800) 848-3792.


If you have an unresolved complaint you may contact the Division of Banks by calling the Division's Consumer Assistance Section at (800) 495-2265 ext. 1501 within Massachusetts, outside of Massachusetts call (617) 956-1500 ext. 1501, or by sending a written complaint to the Division of Banks, 1 South Station, Boston, Massachusetts 02110.


If you have a complaint, first contact Currency Exchange International, Corp, at (888) 998-3948. If you still have an unresolved complaint regarding the company's money transmission or currency exchange activity, please direct your complaint to the Texas Department of Banking: 2601 North Lamar Boulevard, Austin, TX 78705-4294, (877) 276-5554 (toll free), www.dob.texas.gov.


Currency Exchange International, Corp. is a licensed money transmitter in the state of Utah. If you have a complaint or concern regarding its money transmission services, please contact CXI toll-free at 1 (888) 998-3948 (USA) or for unresolved complaints contact the Utah Department of Financial Institutions at (801) 538-8830 or by visiting the following website https://dfi.utah.gov/resources/helpful-links/file-a-complaint/.


Currency Exchange International, Corp is a licensed check casher in State of Virginia with 3 branch locations. If you would like to file a complaint in regards to Check Cashing services, please call State Corporations Commission, Bureau of Financial Institutions at (800) 552-7945 or file a complaint in writing to Bureau of Financial Institutions attention: Complaints, P.O. Box 640, Richmond, VA 23218 or Fax (804) 371-9416.


Entities other than FDIC insured financial institutions that conduct money transmission activities in Washington State, including the sale of payment of money or credit are required to be licensed. If there are questions or concerns regarding a transaction with a licensee please contact the Washington State Department of Financial Institutions at (360) 902-8703 or by mail at: Department of Consumer Services, 150 Israel Road Southwest, Olympia, WA 98504-1200.

To file a complaint, please provide: the name of the company, office location, and who you contacted at the company; your name, mailing address, and ten digit phone numbers; and a simple explanation of the problem, with a list of events in chronological order, making sure to include names and dates. Be specific and as brief as possible. For electronic submission, please complete the form found on the website: www.dfi.wa.gov under Consumer Information: File a Complaint.