International Payments

As a trusted provider of global payments, CXI understands businesses working in the world market deal with volatile foreign exchange market fluctuations that can impact the bottom-line. CXI's solutions are built for companies of all sizes and provide proactive international payment support. Client's of CXI have access to a dedicated trading team who together with the business evaluate the available payment solutions, their upside and potential challenges they can help the business overcome. On an ongoing basis, CXI's traders provide rate alerts and market updates to deliver the most value to the business.

The CXI team is backed by its state of the art online software CEIFX. The software is easy to use for a wide variety of implementations. Businesses in need of a single payment to a vendor abroad to large corporations processing payment to numerous beneficiaries in different currencies can all discover the the simplicity CEIFX brings to international payments. CEIFX can even be integrated into client's own treasury software or platform.

CXI's industry expertise, level of customer care, and CEIFX online system makes receiving or sending foreign payments a streamlined process. Contact a dedicated trader today to schedule a business evaluation to uncover ways CXI can reduce costs and enhance revenues within your international payments.

Available International Payments Services:

International Wire Transfers
Global EFT
Foreign Check Clearing
Foreign Draft Issuance
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