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Welcome to CXI

CXI - Currency Exchange International

CXI's website serves as the gateway to its leading foreign exchange software. If you are a member, please log in using your System ID#, Username and Password.

Additionally, this is an informational web site that provides details about Currency Exchange International such as its locations, products and services. Information about the management, directors and CXI's leading compliance program are meant to allow our customers to fully know CXI. In return, CXI may continue to expand its relationships in North America.

The world headquarters of CXI has been based in Florida for over a decade, operating through both retail and wholesale relationships. These alliances span corporate businesses, travel agencies, and shopping centers across North America and the Hawaiian Islands.

CXI has built its reputation on providing excellent service through the use of advanced technology. Our competitive exchange rates for all Foreign Exchange (FX) products such as foreign currency, international wire transfers, and foreign check clearing, have helped put CXI at the top of its market.

Most importantly, Currency Exchange International has a proven management team dedicated to improving foreign exchange for its clients. CXI will build relationships that maximize the FX value potential while minimizing costs and risks for all parties of every FX trade. This saves money and eliminates risk for our clients, helping to make CXI the preferred choice for all foreign exchange transactions.