Service Your Client's Foreign Exchange Needs

Join us as a partner and unlock the potential for additional income by servicing your travel clients foreign exchange needs.

Our Affiliate E-Commerce Program extends our travel currency online services, OnlineFX, to your clients or customers via your website, social media, or collateral enabling you to earn commissions on their transactions with CXI.Your clients get access to more than 80 foreign currencies delivered to their home quickly and safely. Your business earns a commission based on the order value at no additional cost to your client. 

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About Our Affiliate E-Commerce Program

We welcome participation in our Affiliate E-Commerce Program from websites and services operating within related sectors such as travel, finance, and foreign currencies. If your audience is engaged in travel and requires foreign currency services, we're eager to collaborate with you!

Leveraging CXI’s platform, we streamline and monitor referrals, ensuring seamless experiences for both consumers and partners. We tailor an ideal affiliate program for your customer base to optimize your referral earnings.

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Affiliate Program Compensation Model

Partnership with our Affiliate E-Commerce Program allows United States clients to place foreign currency orders from the comfort of their home through CXI’s OnlineFX platform. Our three step ordering and free shipping for orders more than $1,000 produces visitor conversion rates and average order values higher than industry average. This generates more commission for you.

  • We operate on a commission-based compensation model.
  • You earn a percentage of the total order value for every successful transaction from your referral link.
  • We provide the partner with a monthly transaction report and automated monthly payments.
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Servicing Your Clients

Cash is still the second most used method of payment when traveling internationally and is essential for the ever-growing international traveler community. Travelers can now save time and money by conveniently accessing the same benefit as CXI’s financial institution and business clients with currency shipped directly to them. 

An affiliate can promote OnlineFX with their referral link on their website, through social media, or on client collateral. Clients will be directed to our OnlineFX platform and can select how they want the currency delivered, home delivery (participating states) or available pickup at a local CXI branch. Your clients receive foreign currency quickly and securely.

Home Delivery or Branch Pickup

Create a New Revenue Stream for Your Organization

Why become a CXI Affiliate E-Commerce Partner?

Largest non-bank foreign currency exchange provider in the US

More than 25 years of foreign currency exchange experience

Competitive rates and convenient shipping options

Home delivery available in 40 states

38+ branch pick up locations

4.5 rating on Trustpilot

High online client conversion rate and average order value

No sales commission limit

Monthly commission deposited into your bank account

0 +

foreign currencies exchanged

100 +

companies exchange with CXI group

1000 +

transactions processed annually

Frequently Asked Questions

Affiliate E-Commerce Programs are made up of partner organizations that service the same audience or clients. The collaborative goal is to help mutually grow each other’s businesses. At their core, affiliate partnerships are a marketing arrangement that both parties agree to, where an online merchant offers a commission to their affiliates for referring their clients to that merchant’s website and generating increased website orders.

CXI makes it easy for businesses with international traveler audiences and clients to generate new revenue while promoting CXI’s highly-rated service. CXI’s affiliate program enables businesses to promote its OnlineFX e-commerce platform, where travelers can order foreign currency for home delivery or branch pick-up. The business will receive a commission based on the order value for OnlineFX transactions that came from clients using their referral link. The ideal businesses are any that engage with international travelers before their trip, including on their websites, on social media, and in person. Our affiliate marketing manager will work directly with our affiliate partners to customize your program to maximize your success.

The Affiliate E-commerce Program has a Six-Step Cycle that was designed to generate an additional revenue source for your travel-related business.

  • Step 1: Partner and collaborate with Currency Exchange International’s OnlineFX Platform. Submit your profile to us and get approved by our team to activate your affiliate account.
  • Step 2: Share your CXI-created referral link with your current clients via your present marketing strategies.
  • Step 3: Your clients will visit the OnlineFX website.
  • Step 4: Your clients order their desired currency, choosing from 80+ currencies, with home delivery or branch pick-up.
  • Step 5: Your clients will receive their currency as soon as the next day.
  • Step 6: Your organization will generate passive revenue based on the order value of transactions your link generates for OnlineFX. Commission reports are provided via email on a monthly basis.

OnlineFX is an E-Commerce platform launched in 2020 by Currency Exchange International to expand the accessibility of foreign currency exchange with speed, convenience, and security. OnlineFX allows international travelers to order foreign currency banknotes delivered directly to their home or reserved for branch pick up, all without membership or wait times, commonly seen with financial institutions and exchange houses. Travelers can order 24/7 and receive their currency order as soon as the next day. CXI’s clients have loved the service as it earned a 95%+ customer satisfaction rating for the OnlineFX platform.

Presently, OnlineFX home delivery is available in Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, Washington DC, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming. We expect to add more states soon.

CXI is looking for affiliates with overlapping audiences. Affiliates should have an international travel audience within the states that we serve. Organizations will need to complete an onboarding company profile, execute our affiliate agreement, and provide a US bank account for their commission payment.

Most affiliate applications are approved within three days. Affiliates can have their account created and link activated to start earning commission within two weeks.