Open your doors for international travelers to quickly, safely, and conveniently convert their US dollars into foreign currency or foreign currency into US dollars.

Introduce your bank or credit union services to potential customers you would have never seen before.

Growing your revenue generated from the foreign currency exchange market has never been safer for your financial institution.

Why is CXI the best provider for Foreign Banknote Exchange?

Foreign currency exchange
We enable customers to buy and sell more than 80 foreign currencies from around the world.
Customized setup
We create custom system setups built around your financial institution's specific needs including automations and core integrations to simplify processes.
We offer white labeled foreign banknote interface for customers and downstream correspondent banks or credit unions.
We are focused on growing your revenue with marketing and training programs.
Customer service rating
We provide a customer service level that is second to none in the industry with 95%+ customer satisfaction rating.
We continue to innovate the management and fulfillment of foreign exchange by expanding system integrations allowing for new order options such as home delivery and a customer self-service ordering website.

Compliance Verification System (CVS) Integration

CXI's CXIFX software offers expanded compliance resources and an increased level of comfort when transacting with non-account holders by incorporating its CVS to the core of the software. The powerful CVS allows for:

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Live compliance checks of regulatory watch lists,
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Easy-to-review matches,
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Live-stop capabilities,
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Branch hopper aggregation, and
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Robust compliance reporting.


This complete compliance integration within CXIFX has been designed to allow your institution to comply with and facilitate all foreign currency regulations set forth by the USA PATRIOT Act, OFAC, and the Bank Secrecy Act on a real-time basis.


Learn More About Our Software CXIFX

Foreign Banknote Services

Full training program, marketing support, and live customer assistance to enhance currency and new program effectiveness.

Automated transaction process and updated banknote verification images minimizes any chance for teller errors.

Integrated shipment tracking brings the up-to-date details about each transaction to you within one system.

Compliance-friendly system has all the tools and information at your fingertips so any and all audits are handled smoothly.

A wide variety of user roles and permissions ensure your administrators are in control of how each user can interact with the system.

Custom-built exportable reports and transaction email notifications deliver the data you need with easy-to-use options and filters.

As one of North America’s largest foreign banknote providers, we recognize that every business has different needs. CXI is able to deliver the best foreign currency solution for every type of relationship a financial institution could need.

Our services are highly customizable to suit each situation and setups can be mixed. An example within one financial institution would be if some select high-traffic branches are using consignment inventory, while the rest of the branches exclusively use non-inventory.

Enhance the security and flow of information through our ever-expanding core banking system integrations, secure file exchanges, and single sign-on options. Leverage CXI’s expertise to uncover process improvements.

Our team will take the time with every relationship to build the right setup for you.

  • Centralized systems generally contain a central inventory location or hub ordering process where locations submit their orders to be fulfilled through the main international department.
  • Clients own their own inventory.
  • CXI offers bulk wholesale banknote trading at the best rates and service. Rates and trades can be locked in over the phone, through email, or on our online trading platform, CXIFX.
  • Many customers have found the advantage of not having inventory or keeping a small inventory and thereby allow their branch offices to buy and sell directly to CXI.
  • Decentralized systems have helped reduce the cost of labor and shipping while also lowering risks associated with holding currency, such as theft and rate fluctuations, allowing for the client’s increased profit.
  • CXI customizes relationships with its clients so that time and money are saved for all parties involved.
  • You can enhance the security and flow of information through our ever-expanding core banking system integrations, secure file exchanges, and single sign-on options. Leverage CXI's expertise to uncover process improvements.
  • Financial institutions have found that most branches work efficiently by dealing directly with CXI without holding any currency on site.
  • Foreign currency orders are drop-shipped directly to each branch for convenient and quick fulfillment of orders. When the branch buys back foreign currency, it is sent out to CXI without burdening the branch.
  • Home and business delivery options are now available for foreign currency orders.
  • Select high-traffic locations that require a sufficient inventory on hand to satisfy walk-up transactions immediately.
  • In such high-traffic environments, having a foreign inventory available can significantly increase the currency exchange volume at that location.
  • Eliminates the capital investment compared to a financial institution owning their own foreign currency.
  • CXI tailors inventory targets for this special relationship to meet the demand of each customer's market.


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