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Currency Exchange International, Corp is a publicly traded company on the Toronto Stock Exchange (CXI) and OTC (CURN). CXI is a full service foreign currency exchange company headquartered in Orlando, Florida with operating entities in the U.S. (Currency Exchange International, Corp) and Canada (Exchange Bank of Canada). Learn more about the company's Services and Software.

CXI opens TSX
CXI completed its IPO on the Toronto Stock Exchange March 9, 2012 and opened the TSX June 1, 2012.

Our mission is to reliably deliver innovative, convenient and competitive foreign exchange and payment solutions tailored to our customer’s needs. Learn more about the company on our Profile.

CXI Investor Conference Call Listen to CXI's 3rd Quarter 2018 Investor Conference Call

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Currency Exchange International, Corp
6675 Westwood Boulevard, Suite 300
Orlando, Florida 32821

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