Currency Price Protection

Travelers save money and get more U.S. dollars back for their leftover foreign currency

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Secure the Ultimate Buy Back

When you purchase foreign currency from CXI, don't forget to get your currency protected. If you opt out of Currency Price Protection, you are opting out of savings on your leftover currency.

Planning a Trip

Currency Price Protection

Currency Exchange International provides an exclusive low-cost service for just $5.95 that has helped thousands of travelers save money by getting more U.S. dollars when exchanging left over currency.

Are you tired of coming back from your international travels with leftover currency and getting significantly less money in return compared to the amount you bought before your trip? CXI's Currency Price Protection gets you more back than ever before. This allows you to sell any leftover currency back at our ultimate buy back rate plus you receive no exchange fee. This gets you more U.S. dollars than the Standard Buy Back rate.


The Buy-Back Advantage

Did you know, since 2020, more than 11,000 foreign currency purchases have been protected under CXI's Currency Price Protection totaling more than $10 million in USD? Opting out of the Currency Price Protection benefit is costing you more than you think.

CXI's company-owned branches allow customers to take advantage of CXI's ultimate buy-back rate when they return with foreign currency from their trip.

Now there is no need to fear having leftover currency, we have your currency protected before going abroad.


Get Your Currency Protected

When purchasing foreign currency from CXI, you can add Currency Price Protection to your currency exchange for a low fee of $5.95. We offer this rate protection for nearly all currencies that we sell.

  • Your protection is valid for 180 days after the original purchase. This allows you to sell any leftover currency back at our ultimate buy-back rate plus you receive no exchange fee upon your return.
  • There is no required minimum or maximum transaction amount, however; only the currencies and amount in your original CPP order will be eligible for the improved ultimate buyback rate. Reserve your foreign currency today for pick up at a CXI company-owned location and ask for Currency Price Protection.
  • If you opt out of Currency Price Protection, you are opting out of savings on your left-over currency.

Currency Price Protection helps give you:

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Peace of Mind

Freedom and flexibility to exchange enough cash to safely cover your entire trip

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Save More

Get the ultimate buy-back rate and no buy-back fee

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Simply bring back your receipt or reference number to redeem your special rate

The policies of agent locations including CXI Airports and affiliate-owned locations listed on our website may vary. Best Rate Guarantee is only available at CXI City Center (company-owned) locations.

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Terms and Conditions

1. To redeem Currency Price Protection’s Special Buy Back Rate, a receipt or reference number is required.

2. The Special Buy Back Rate is determined the day that CPP is redeemed and will be better (provide you more value for the currency) than the Standard Buy Back Rate of that day in our system.

3. Any currency amount returned over the price protected quantity shown is not eligible for the Special Buy Back Rate.

4. Currency Price Protection is valid for 180 days after the original transaction date. After this time, the currency will be exchanged at our Standard Buy Back Rate.

5. Only one redemption is permitted for each Currency Price Protection transaction.

For CPP's full terms and conditions, please contact a CXI branch.

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