Innovative Technology Solutions for Foreign Currency Exchange and International Payments

CXI delivers leading web-based foreign currency exchange technology. Its platforms, CXIFX and CXI FX Now, provide financial institutions and corporations with:

  • Fully-customized customer setups
  • Automated transaction processing
  • Compliance integrations
  • Real-time tracking and status updates
  • User-friendly interface
  • User management
  • Robust reporting capabilities
  • Streamlined processing with integrations through APIs 

CXI is dedicated to an active development cycle. This means we dedicate our resources to routine maintenance, security upgrades, new features, and request fulfillment. We prioritize the continuous investment and development of our technology. This ensures that we continue to provide clients with a quality experience and continue to be the provider of an industry-leading technology platform.

Our software’s user-friendly interface simplifies transactions, helping to reduce user error while minimizing any risks associated with foreign currency exchange and international payments.

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CXIFX: Industry-Leading Foreign Currency Exchange Software

CXIFX delivers all of CXI’s foreign currency services in a powerful package. This includes:

  • Foreign banknote exchange
  • Foreign and US travelers' cheques
  • Foreign cash letter and check collection
  • Foreign draft issuance
  • Global EFTs
  • International wire payments

How can CXIFX help your financial institution?

Core Features

Compliance Integration and Risk Mitigation

CXIFX is driven by its Compliance Verification System (CVS) and risk management features. The system provides the tools for clients to maintain compliance with U.S. and Canadian regulations with:

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Live compliance checks of regulatory watch lists
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Easy-to-review matches
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Live-stop capabilities
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Branch-hopper aggregation
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Compliance reporting

The sophisticated layers of compliance tools help to safely and effectively facilitate foreign exchange transactions while reducing risk and ensuring compliance features are always fully enforced.

System Integrations

CXI's software has the ability to connect with a customer's own environment with Single Sign On (SSO) and has many integrations into other software systems to reduce the burden of redundant work.

CXIFX integrates with core payment platforms such as Fiserv's WireXchange, Juniper Payments, and The Pathfinder Group's WITS to deliver a streamlined, end-to-end payment experience. Financial institutions using these platforms have access to CXI's high-touch customer service without altering their established processes. Additionally, CXIFX's own payments platform benefits from IBAN validations, beneficiary bank validations, and global bank directories to minimize returned or delayed payments. This enables our business partners to benefit from an expanded range of services while using the most convenient software environment.

Fully Customizable Setups

CXIFX is offered in a fully white-label environment, where it is designed to look and function as the client’s own website while still offering a full range of foreign currency exchange solutions.

Financial institution administrators are able to take full control of their program in regards to user management, privilege roles, access restrictions, and transaction controls. The software is updated frequently and has been certified with external security audits and security features.

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CXI FX Now: A Modern Online International Payments Platform for Corporations and Businesses

CXI FX Now allows you to make international payments and manage global FX obligations easier and faster. CXI FX Now helps corporations:

  • Pay vendors
  • Provide liquidity between currency accounts
  • Maintain holding accounts in foreign currencies
  • Manage international payroll
  • Repatriate funds
  • Manage FX risks

This web-based platform allows you to innovate your global payments at your fingertips.


CXI FX Now At A Glance

How can CXI FX Now help your corporation or business?

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