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Banks and credit unions can partner with CXI’s experienced team to increase efficiency, reduce customer turnover, enable business growth and generate new revenues

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Why do so many Financial Institutions rely on CXI for foreign exchange and international payment processing solutions?

One Provider. One Platform: The best comprehensive foreign exchange solution for banks and credit unions.

Unparallel Customer Support
CXI’s relationship-driven approach ensures clients receive tailored solutions and world-class customer service.
Technology Driven
CXI’s industry-leading FX software, CXIFX, provides financial institutions streamlined solutions with compliance at its core.
Foreign Exchange Specialist
CXI is an expert provider exclusively focusing on foreign exchange, unlike many large bank providers, and does not compete with the core services of banks and credit unions.
One Provider. One Platform.
Continuous development cycles and expanding integrations make CXI a holistic partner like no other for your foreign currency and international payment services.

How is CXI different?

Increase Revenue

Apply proven solutions that drive rapid results to your foreign currency and international payment services

Streamline International Services

Automate all FX processes into your current operation

Customized Solutions

Personalize your FX process with solutions designed to fit your needs

Dedicated Account Managers

Maximize what your financial institution can get out of your FX services

Risk Management

Stay compliant without increasing risk or cost

Unparalleled Customer Service

Highly rated by clients for our cutting-edge technologies and personalized support

Custom System Setup

Maximize efficiency and effectiveness of your FX and international programs through consultative onboarding sessions

System Integrations

Simplify foreign exchange with integrations supporting core banking platforms, compliance reporting, reconciliation, and streamlining manual tasks.

Safety and Security

99%+ system up time with encrypted data, secure connection, and fall back redundancies

100 +

companies exchange with CXI group

100 +

distinct locations

CXI provides a full suite of turn-key solutions for Financial Institutions at the best rates, with world-class customer service and FX market experience.

International Payments
International Payments
Streamline, secure, and simplify the payments process

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Foreign Check Clearing
Foreign Check Clearing
Create a customizable, compliance-focused automated experience

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Foreign Banknote Exchange
Foreign Banknote Exchange
Grow your foreign currency exchange market

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Foreign Draft Issuance
Foreign Draft Issuance
Access a lower fee method for fulfilling and effectively managing payment overseas

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Why partner with CXI?

By working with CXI, banks and credit unions have the unique opportunity to expand their customer base while offering more to their existing customers.

Many financial institutions have traditionally provided foreign exchange and international services through multiple bank relationships that also compete for the same business within their markets. CXI enables financial institutions to have all of their international services with one provider.

CXI has onboarded more than 1,400 financial institutions onto its system. The onboarding process is designed so that financial institutions can determine the best method to train their staff. Training can be completed in person through classroom-style group sessions, webinars, pre-recorded training sessions, or a mixture of all of these methods.

All training is customized uniquely for the financial institution's setup and roles of each user attending that particular training session. In conjunction with the software and procedure trainings, documentation is provided to further support the retention of the program.

Utilizing CXI's foreign currency solutions will make your financial institution a more competitive and complete financial service provider to your customers and members.

Today, banks and credit unions benefit from combining foreign exchange and international payment solutions with One Provider. One Platform. Don't be left in the dust; embrace a modern solution for your customers with CXI.

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Learn how you can generate record-breaking revenue with our proven foreign currency exchange services when you partner with CXI


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