Foreign bank note exchange

Currency Exchange International, Corp is one of North America's largest foreign currency exchange providers of banknotes. CXI offers its services to individual consumers at its company owned branch locations, as well as, being a third-party vendor to corporations and financial institutions. At its core, CXI is a business that successfully pairs its resources and relationships to provide the specialized service of foreign currency exchange to its customers at great rates. Whether we are dealing with an individual, financial institution or any money-service business, CXI provides its services in a manner that leaves both the company and its clients better off for their interaction.

The combination of servicing individuals, corporations, and financial institutions gives CXI a unique balance, which in turn allows the company to offer competitive exchange rates for more than 80 foreign currencies to all of its customers. On top of its basic services, CXI is dedicated to providing a first-class customer experience. Whether you interact with a branch teller or banknote trader, our staff is trained and knowledgeable about all services offered so you can complete your transaction with zero hassle or aggravation.

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Foreign Currency Exchange For TravelersForeign Currency Exchange For Travelers
Foreign Currency Exchange For Travelers
Foreign Banknote Exchange For CorporationsForeign Currency Exchange For Corporations
Foreign Currency Exchange For Corporations
Foreign Banknote Exchange For Financial InstitutionsForeign Currency Exchange For Financial Institutions
Foreign Currency Exchange For Financial Institutions