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How Does Multi-Currency Cash Passport Work

How Does Multi-Currency Cash Passport Work


Are you looking for a safer, more convenient way to carry foreign currency? Then meet the Multi-Currency Cash Passport, it's the best way to carry multiple currencies in one card.

You can load up to six currencies on one card in advance at one of our branch locations, then use it in millions of ATMs and merchants wherever MasterCard is accepted.

The prepaid travel card is secured with Chip and PIN protection and doesn’t link to your personal bank account. Get ready to leave all your worries behind and travel with confidence when you pick up the perfect companion to foreign cash, the Cash Passport.

What currencies can I load on a Multi-Currency Cash Passport?

  1. Australian dollar (AUD)
  2. British pounds (GBP)
  3. Canadian dollar (CAD)
  4. European Union euros (EUR)
  5. Japanese yen (JPY)
  6. Mexican peso (MXN)


What are the benefits of a Multi-Currency Cash Passport?

  1. Safer and more convenient than carrying only cash.
  2. Reduces the risk of fraud - no personal information is stored on the card.
  3. If your card is lost or stolen, you can call the Cash Passport Card Services team and they'll provide a replacement card or emergency cash from your card balance*.
  4. 24/7 emergency assistance is available*.
  5. Simultaneously and safely carry multiple currencies on one card.
  6. Lock in the exchange rate for your travel money.
  7. View transaction history and balance of your Multi-Currency Cash Passport online.

What are the fees of a Multi-Currency Cash Passport?

  • CXI Fees: $5 fee if less than $500 USD; $10 fee if $500 USD or more
  • ATM Fees: Domestic: $2.50; International: $2.50 USD, 2 GBP, 2 EUR, $2.50 CAD, $2.50 AUD, 215 JPY


What are the minimum and maximum initial load and reload amounts?

  • Minimum Initial Load and Reload: $200 US Dollars
  • Maximum Initial Load and Reload: $8,500 US Dollars



*Subject to network availability.

**Subject to additional terms and conditions. 


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