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Top 21 Countries Bringing International Travelers to the U.S.

Top 21 Countries Bringing International Travelers to the U.S.

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The National Travel and Tourism Office has released its six-year forecast for international travel to the United States. Taking a look at recent travel trends, the forecast estimates almost all of the top ranked incoming travel countries will have an increase of travelers.

The forecast is prepared by the Department of Commerce/National Travel and Tourism using economic, demographic, and social factors. Below are the top 21 countries who bring travelers to the United States. “These markets account for 88 percent of total international travels.”


Rank Order 2016 Visitor Origin Country Actual 2016 Forecast 2022 % Change
Grand Total   75,868 88,956 17%
1 Canada 19,289 23,477 22%
2 Mexico 18,991 19,839 4%
Over Seas   37,589 45,640 21%
3 United Kingdom 4,574 4,894 7%
4 Japan 3,577 3,758 5%
5 China 2,972 4,537 53%
6 Germany 2,035 2,203 8%
7 South Korea 1,974 2,887 46%
8 Brazil 1,693 1,843 9%
9 France 1,628 1,961 20%
10 Australia 1,346 1,575 17%
11 India 1,172 1,407 20%
12 Italy 983 1,195 22%
13 Argentina 906 935 3%
14 Colombia 836 910 9%
15 Spain 801 955 19%
16 Netherlands 672 778 16%
17 Venezuela 580 388 -33%
18 Sweden 559 622 11%
19 Switzerland 469 475 1%
20 Taiwan 463 532 15%
21 Ireland 442 564 28%

visitors in the thousands

Source: National Travel & Tourism Office (NTTO)

Canada and Mexico Rank Highest

As you can see, Canada and Mexico are the top two countries, and these alone made just over 50 percent of incoming international travel in 2016. Among overseas travel, the United Kingdom, Japan, and China have been the top three respectively.

While Canada and Mexico alone made up 51 percent of the incoming travel in 2016, overseas travel made up the other 49 percent. This is projected to flip by 2022, with the rate of overseas travelers to the U.S. predicted to increase more rapidly than those from Canada and Mexico.

China Ranks Number Five 

While China is fifth among the countries who bring international travelers to the U.S., they are actually predicted to be the largest source of tourism expenditure globally by 2022. Their growth is expected to be very strong at 8.4% over the period 2017-2022. “Outside of Asia, the US and France are likely to benefit the most, due to their China-ready approach.”

As a whole, it is projected that international visitors to the U.S. will increase from 75.9 million reported in 2016 to 89 million in 2022. This is an increase of 17 percent in just six years! We can clearly see that the U.S. continues to attract more and more international travelers every year.


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