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CXI Now Exchanges Select Foreign Coins

Jacquelyn August 12th, 2019
CXI Now Exchanges Select Foreign Coins


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A recent high demand in an untapped foreign coin market, has presented the opportunity for Currency Exchange International to extend its services by providing international travelers the ability to exchange select foreign coins.

Today, international travelers find themselves in an odd situation when it comes to foreign coins. These large valued coins accumulate as change, yet there’s no real solution for them when it’s time to exchange them, until now.

Where to exchange foreign coins?

Traveler’s new option to buy and sell foreign coins at any of CXI's owned locations near you is set to exchange the most popular foreign coin denominations: 

1 British pound (GBP) Coin

£1 British pound (GBP)

2 British pound (GBP) Coin

£2 British pounds (GBP)

$1 Canadian dollar (CAD) Coin

$1 Canadian loonie (CAD) 

$2 Canadian dollar (CAD) Coin

$2 Canadian toonie (CAD) 

1 European euro (EUR) Coin

€1 European euro (EUR) 

2 European euro (EUR) Coin

€2 European euros (EUR) 

10 Mexican pesos (MXN) Coin

$10 Mexican pesos (MXN) 

20 Mexican pesos (MXN) Coin

$20 Mexican pesos (MXN) 


How to exchange foreign coins?

1. To sell select foreign coins to CXI, you can visit any of CXI's owned locations near you and we will exchange them to US dollars. To help reduce lines and wait times for all customers, all foreign coins must be sorted prior to coming to the branch to exchange them.

2. To buy select foreign coins from CXIyou can purchase them based on what we have available in stock, so we highly recommended you call our CXI owned branch locations before going to guarantee the foreign coin's will be available for you. 

CXI buys and sells foreign coins at lesser rates than banknotes. This means we will buy foreign coins back valued in USD less than the foreign banknotes. It also means we will sell them valued in USD less than we sell foreign banknotes. Simply put, we won't buy them back for as much or sell them for as much as the equivalent foreign banknote.

What are some fast facts about foreign coins?


  • £1 British pound (GBP) coin: To easily identify it, the £1 coin is thicker than all the other coins while the 'yellow' color allows it to stand out from the cupro-nickel 'silver' coins already in circulation.
  • £2 British pounds (GBP) coin: Did you know the edge inscription “Standing on the shoulders of giants” was taken from a letter that was written by Isaac Newton? It was meant to acknowledge how much he owed to the work of others. 
  • $1 Canadian loonie (CAD) coin: The $1 Canadian dollar coin is also referred to as the loonie by Canadians. This nickname came from the most popular bird that exists in Canada (the loon), which is featured on the front of the coin. 
  • $2 Canadian toonie (CAD) coin: The $2 Canadian dollar coin is also referred to as the toonie by Canadians. It has a life span that is approximately 20 times longer than paper currency.
  • €1 European euro (EUR) coin: Did you know the euro coins have a common side (obverse) and a national side (reverse)? While the common side on the front remains the same, the back can represent over 23 different countries of the EU. 
  • €2 European euros (EUR) coin: Did you know all of the euro coins feature the 12 stars of the European flag? This image symbolizes the unity of the European Union and was designed by Mr Luc Luycx of the Royal Belgian Mint.

How to exchange foreign coins for charity?


If you have other foreign coins we don't exchange and would like to donate them to charity, we have another solution for you, so if you do have any left over foreign coins then look no further because you can donate them to the UNICEF Change for Good program.

The Change for Good program was created back in 1987 and since then has partnered with American Airlines. Join the mission today to help improve and save lives of children around the world. 


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