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Stunning Portraits Made With Currency

CXI October 25th, 2016
Stunning Portraits Made With Currency


There is a fresh new artist on our radar, his name is Mark Wagner. He takes stacks of one dollar bills that many don’t see as valuable and brings them to life through his artwork. 

Last month he opened "I’m Mark Wagner and I Approve of This Message" at the Pavel Zoubok Gallery in New York City. Here's a sneak peek of some of the currency artwork in his gallery: 


When he was asked to explain how he cuts the currency, this was his response to Atlas Obscura:

“Sometimes we just shred the bills. Much of the time a bill gets sort of dissected into its constituent parts, separating lights and darks, preserving line work that might be used for drawing purposes, subdividing Washington’s face into cheeks, foreheads, necks… all of which have their specific uses.”




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