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The Caribbean Dream: Unlocking the Secrets of Shoulder Season Travel

Anne April 23rd, 2024
The Caribbean Dream: Unlocking the Secrets of Shoulder Season Travel



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According to Intrepid Travel's 2024 Outlook Survey, about 20% of Americans are looking to travel less this year. However, 70% are pushing forward with their travel plans by avoiding peak-season travel.

Vacationing in the Caribbean during the peak summer months is a thing of the past. Embark on a sun-kissed Caribbean escapade during the shoulder season months, where tantalizing deals and unique adventures await.

No matter when you travel or which island you explore, you will want to know where to exchange currency or whether to purchase foreign currency online. Reserve foreign currency online to save time on your branch pick up or use CXI's OnlineFX Home Delivery to order foreign currency whenever wherever.

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Why Is Shoulder Season the Best Time to Travel to the Caribbean?

Woman swinging on the beach

Shoulder season is the most ideal time to visit the Caribbean because it allows you to experience the islands with a smaller crowd, and lower prices, without compromising great weather and experiences.

The peak season accommodates the snowbirds escaping the cold and spring breakers. In Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, and many other corners of the Caribbean, May vacations are a dream come true: plenty of sunshine, minimal crowds, low costs, and a relatively low risk of storms. You can expect temperatures between 80 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

Get your swimsuit ready and currency in hand to explore the Caribbeans on clearance. Before heading out, exchange your currency with CXI, so you are ready to soak up the sun the minute you arrive.


What Is the Cheapest Month to Go to the Caribbean?

Couple running on the beach

According to NerdWallet, airfare tickets are on average 23% cheaper during the shoulder season than the peak season. Many of the US travelers are opting out of traveling to the Caribbean during the peak seasons, so they can continue to afford to travel.

To help you find the best time to visit the Caribbean for your next vacation, we've outlined the travel seasons.

Caribbean Travel Seasons:
Peak/High Season:
January to April
Shoulder Season: May to June and late October to mid-November
Low Season: August to October

May is, on average, the cheapest month to travel to the Caribbean and you can expect the best weather during this time. If a springtime vacation isn't in the cards, consider November as a backup. Shoulder season also falls during hurricane season, which begins on June 1 and ends on November 30. Keep an eye out for the weather when booking your trip and be sure to book accommodations that allow hurricane refunds.

There is no one right time or right way to experience the bliss of a Caribbean vacation. This ultimately comes down to your schedule, your budget, and your personal preferences. If you love the idea of smaller crowds and lower prices, however, shoulder season is worth considering.

How CXI Is Helping Travelers Save More

Woman holding euros

If you're looking to get more U.S. dollars back for your leftover foreign currency, add Currency Price Protection to your currency exchange. When you purchase foreign currency from CXI, don't forget to get your currency protected. If you opt out of Currency Price Protection, you are opting out of savings on your leftover currency.

Save more and get the ultimate buy-back rate and no buy-back fee. Not only is this convenient, but it gives you the peace of mind that you can get the most back for your leftover currency.

Now there is no need to fear having leftover currency. We have your currency protected before going abroad.


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