Multi-Currency Cash Passport Prepaid Travel Card Benefits

Everyday U.S. travelers come across the same question: What is the best way to pay for things when traveling overseas?

The answer isn't always the same for everyone. It can depend on your travel habits, where you are traveling, and what you plan to purchase. Two things are always certain.

1) Cash is never denied and always accepted.
2) Safety is a concern.

This is why we suggest pairing your cash with a safe way to carry large amounts of purchasing power. Check out these examples of how different travelers can benefit from having the Multi-Currency Cash Passport travel card on hand and learn more about the card here.

What is the best way to travel internationally with foreign money as a student?

As a student, I was confused about how I should convert my money for my upcoming trip to the United Kingdom. After doing some research, I found the Multi-Currency Cash Passport. The Multi-Currency Cash Passport is easy and secure and the best part is that it’s accepted anywhere MasterCard is. During the semester I was overseas, my parents and I had the peace-of-mind knowing the added security from the CHIP and PIN would protect against fraudulent transactions, while also allowing full functionality overseas, something many U.S. cards are unable to do. Also, setting up and using the Cash Passport was easy. I went to my nearest Currency Exchange International, Corp branch and had my U.S. dollars converted into U.K. pounds and loaded onto the card. This locked in my rate so the currency cost didn't fluctuate, which was great. Once I was ready to pay I was able to use my card at a store or ATM. I definitely will use the Multi-Currency Cash Passport again on my next trip.

What is the safest way to carry foreign money overseas when traveling?

When I went on vacation to Mexico, I needed a way to conveniently pay for larger purchases like some amazing art and furniture I found. That’s when I came across the Multi-Currency Cash Passport by MasterCard. It was perfect for my vacation and shopping. I was able to protect my identity and prevent fraud. I was worried that my card could be stolen while traveling, but the Multi-Currency Cash Passport isn’t actually linked to any bank account, holds no personal information, and if it was stolen I could access emergency cash in as little as 10 minutes from any Western Union agent by calling its emergency support number. I always felt in control of my money and had peace-of-mind that my identity was safe while overseas, and let me enjoy my travels. 

How do frequent international travelers carry their foreign money?

Whenever I go on business trips, the Multi-Currency Cash Passport by MasterCard is a must. Sometimes I go overseas once a week and other times it’s once a month, but no matter the situation I always make sure to have my Cash Passport nearby. Since it’s accepted anywhere MasterCard is, I know my money is secure and easy to access. I know that I can reload it whenever I get back to my local Currency Exchange International, Corp branch and can leave cash on it when I'm home. The ability to hold currencies from the places I visit the most makes it an easy process and I can track my spending online. This has relieved so much stress and anxiety. As long as I keep traveling overseas, I will always have my Multi-Currency Cash Passport by my side. 

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