CEIFX - An Industry Leading Foreign Currency Exchange Software

The CEIFX software system is at the heart of Currency Exchange International, Corp’s continued success. The web-based software is viewed as a leading application in foreign currency exchange based on its highly-customizable features and compliance functionality. The core features allow for fully customized customer setups, compliance integration, instinctual user interface, user management, and robust reporting capabilities. CEIFX delivers all of the CXI's foreign currency services in a powerful package including banknotes, foreign and US traveler's cheques, foreign check clearing, foreign draft issuance and international wire transfers. CXI is dedicated to an active development cycle meaning routine maintenance, security upgrades, new features and request fulfillment occurs quickly and securely. The software's user-friendly interface simplifies transactions, helping to reduce user error while minimizing any risks associated with foreign exchange.

Core Software Features:

Driven By Compliance Integration and Risk Mitigation

At CEIFX's core, the software is driven by its Compliance Verification System (CVS) and risk management features. The CVS allows for live compliance checks of regulatory watch lists, easy to review matches, live-stop capabilities, branch hopper aggregation, compliance reporting, and maintains compliance with all U.S. and Canadian regulations. The sophisticated layers of compliance tools help to safely and effectively facilitate foreign exchange transactions, while reducing risk and ensuring compliance features are always fully enforced.

Company and financial institution administrators are able to take full control of their program in regards to user management, privilege roles, access restrictions and transaction controls. These administrators have found that CEIFX delivers the level of controls and review features for their user's activity necessary to run a secure program. The software is updated frequently and has been certified with external security audits and security features, so all users can feel comfortable and confident processing transactions.

Transactions Fulfillment and Automation

The CEIFX system remains highly flexible and can be customized according to the needs of every individual client. The software is offered in a fully white-label environment, where it is designed to look and function as the client’s own website while still offering a full range of foreign currency exchange solutions. Additionally, the software has the ability to connect with a customer's own environment with Single Sign On (SSO) and has many integrations into other software systems to reduce the burden of redundant work. This enables our business partners to benefit from an expanded range of services, offered by a provider with years of proven foreign currency exchange expertise, all while using the most convenient software environment.

For more information about how CEIFX delivers each of CXI's foreign currency exchange services, read more at each services' section.


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Foreign Bank Note Exchange
International Wire Transfers
Foreign Check Clearing
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