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Currency Exchange International, Corp owns and operates more than 40 branch locations across the United States, conveniently located to better serve your needs. CXI specializes in providing foreign currency exchange (FX) at great rates and with superior customer service. Our services include exchanging foreign currency banknotes, selling Multi-Currency Cash Passport pre-paid cards*, exchanging U.S. and foreign traveler’s cheques, and selling gold bullion coins and bars. Most branch locations are open seven days a week and offer a variety of major currencies on demand for immediate availability. When you visit a CXI branch, our goal is to ensure your foreign currency exchange experience is the best it could possibly be.


A Convenient, Safe and Cost Effective Way To Exchange Money:

When you are traveling internationally for business or pleasure, the last thing you want to worry about is exchanging your money. Many international travelers leave getting foreign currency for the last minute and are blindsided by exorbitant exchange rates in airports and local hotels. Others wait until arriving at your destination country to use local ATMs. This can quickly add up unnecessary fees since many debit cards or ATMs have lower maximum withdrawal limits and the local ATMs usually charge a withdrawal fee plus your own card fees may apply.

The best advice anyone can give when it comes to currency exchange is to shop around as not all exchange companies are created equal. The best questions to ask are about the final cost of the foreign currency (either how much will 500 euros cost you in U.S. dollars after the rate and fees or how much in U.S. dollars you will receive for 500 euros after all rates and fees) and if it is available conveniently for you to arrange a pickup. To exchange money in the U.S. or abroad, many people are often surprised to find they need to pay a hefty fee or wait several days before making a second trip to pick up their currency. Fortunately at CXI, we take all of those worries away.

At CXI, we specialize in foreign currency for international travelers as well as being a wholesaler to banks and other foreign exchange companies. This means we can provide a high quality services at our branches, giving our customers the best exchange rates with one low fee as well as offering most popular currencies for immediate exchange. No waiting! Most last minute exchanges can be processed on a walk-up basis or you can pre-order your currency (over the phone or online) and pay only when you pick it up.

Best Exchange Rate Guarantee

Our Best Rate Guarantee* ensures you receive a competitive rate for services: we will match or beat any local bank or airport for the same product and service on the same day and time of the exchange.

Learn More About Individual Services At CXI's Branch Locations:

Foreign BanknotesForeign Currency Exchange:
CXI offers competitive exchange rates for more than 80 foreign currencies, and satisfies a walk-up demand for major foreign currencies. Daily exchange rates are posted at each location for your convenience, and remain constant throughout the day.
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Multi-Currency Cash PassportCash Passport:
The Multi-Currency Cash Passport Prepaid MasterCard is available in six foreign currencies and offers international travelers a safer, more convenient way to carry foreign currency than by holding cash alone. Pair the Cash Passport with cash to travel like a pro.
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AMEX Traveler's ChequesAmerican Express Traveler's Cheques:
CXI branch locations are equipped to cash American Express traveler's cheques in seven major currencies. American Express backed traveler's cheque security features protect traveler's from lost or stolen funds around the world.
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Gold Bullion Coins and BarsGold Bullion Coins and Bars:
CXI sells some of the most popular, high quality gold bullion products produced in the world. Back by the U.S. and Canadian governments respectively, the Gold American Eagle 1oz. coins, Gold Canadian Maple Leaf 1oz. coins and Royal Canadian Mint 1oz. bars can be ordered from CXI branch locations.
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Why CXI?Why CXI?

CXI carefully chooses its retail locations in order to better serve you. Most locations are in high-traffic areas and are open seven days a week during mall hours, including holidays, making CXI services easily accessible even for last-minute exchanges. CXI is selective with its permanent location openings and is creative in developing a relationship for the benefit of all parties involved. As a result, CXI is able to offer better exchange rates and more savings for its customers. Click here to find the closest CXI location.

Prepare for your travel by exchanging money in advance. Avoid foreign transaction fees or ATM fees by planning ahead and buying foreign currency before you travel. CXI charges a low flat fee for services, and can accommodate most walk-up transactions with cash on the spot, or a minimal waiting period for rarer currencies. Easily check foreign currency exchange off your to-do list and have a great trip!

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