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While CXI holds most major foreign currencies in stock daily, not all currencies and amounts will be available immediately and may take 1-3 business days to be available at the branch.

Reserve your currency online for free and CXI will contact you as soon as possible with the availability of the foreign currency and amount. This ensures you will only need to visit our branch one time to pick up your foreign currency order.

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Multiple people going on your trip? You may be eligible for our special Group Rate!

The more foreign currency you get the better your rate can be. Get your trip organizer to call your local branch today to see if your group is eligible.

Foreign Exchange Services Provided by Currency Exchange International, Corp

Foreign BanknotesForeign Currency Exchange:
CXI offers competitive exchange rates for more than 80 foreign currencies, and satisfies a walk-up demand for major foreign currencies. Daily exchange rates are posted at each location for your convenience, and remain constant throughout the day.
Multi-Currency Cash PassportCash Passport:
The Multi-Currency Cash Passport Prepaid MasterCard is available in six foreign currencies and offers international travelers a safer, more convenient way to carry foreign currency than by holding cash alone. Pair the Cash Passport with cash to travel like a pro.
AMEX Traveler's ChequesAmerican Express Traveler's Cheques:
CXI branch locations are equipped to buy and sell American Express traveler's cheques in seven major currencies. American Express backed traveler's cheque security features protect traveler's from lost or stolen funds around the world.
Gold Bullion Coins and BarsGold Bullion Coins and Bars:
CXI sells some of the most popular, high quality gold bullion products produced in the world. Back by the U.S. and Canadian governments respectively, the Gold American Eagle 1oz. coins, Gold Canadian Maple Leaf 1oz. coins and Royal Canadian Mint 1oz. bars can be ordered from CXI branch locations.



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