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NEXUS Trusted Travelers Program: Everything You Need to Know

Ryan December 18th, 2018
NEXUS Trusted Travelers Program: Everything You Need to Know


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What is the NEXUS trusted traveler program?

NEXUS is a program for frequent travelers who are looking for an expeditious process when they are entering Canada or the U.S.

Members can use specific process lanes or kiosks, which allow you to get through your airport process much quicker! You will use a membership identification card to enter Canada or the United States at any delegated NEXUS ports of entry.


How to apply for the NEXUS trusted traveler program?

Only certain individuals are eligible for becoming NEXUS program members, including Canadian citizens, U.S. citizens, Mexican nationals who are already involved in Mexico’s trusted traveler program, and some others.

It is best to check if you are eligible, and if there is any reason you may be ineligible, such as a past in customs violations or past criminal offense convictions. There are two ways to apply to NEXUS:

  1. Create or access your Trusted Travelers Program account
  2. Complete the NEXUS Application
  3. Pay a $50 USD or CAD nonrefundable fee 


When you finish the application process, Customs and Border Patrol will need to assess your application. Once you receive conditional approval, you must complete an interview at a NEXUS Enrollment Center. The second way to apply is by mail. You will need to physically print and fill out an application. You will then mail your completed application, your non-refundable fee, and photocopies of any supporting documentation to your assigned Canadian Processing Center.

Again, you can be conditionally approved at this point, and will then schedule an interview at a NEXUS Enrollment Center.


What are the benefits of the NEXUS trusted traveler program?

As a NEXUS member, you will be able to cut down your waiting time at many ports of entry. You could use NEXUS kiosks every time you enter through specific Canadian airports, which allows for a much speedier process. If you are not entering Canada, there are Global Entry kiosks available to you when traveling into the United States.

Land border crossings use dedicated processing lanes for ease of entry. In addition to this, you will be able to reduce your wait time by calling a marine telephone reporting center to disclose your arrival in the U.S. or Canada.


How much are the fees for the NEXUS trusted traveler program?

There is a $50 fee, in USD or CAD, that you must submit to be approved for NEXUS membership. You must submit a $50 fee, in USD or CAD, to be approved for NEXUS membership. This fee is completely non-refundable, so you will not receive this money back even if you are not approved for the card. We strongly encourage all applicants to ensure that they meet all requirements for approval, so they do not have to worry about this. In addition to this fee, if you lose or otherwise damage your card, there is a non-refundable $25 fee to replace your NEXUS card.


What do you need to know before joining the NEXUS trusted traveler program?

For applicants younger than 18, there is no fee. However, a parent or legal guardian must accompany minors. The legal guardian is required to fill out and sign the application for the underaged applicant. This person must also accompany the minor to the final interview.

Most pets are allowed to travel through dedicated NEXUS lanes, but it is required to bring along your pet’s current rabies vaccination certification. Your animal’s certificate needs to distinguish the animal’s identifying characteristics such as age, breed, sex, color of your animal, and any distinctive marks your pet may have.

Make sure your documentation also has the names of the vaccines used, the serial numbers of the vaccines, and their expiration dates. Ensure that the vaccine has not expired. Please note that pet birds or prohibited animals are not permitted in NEXUS lanes.

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