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Revealing the World’s Beauty Capital: Why a Visit Is Essential

Anne May 28th, 2024
Revealing the World’s Beauty Capital: Why a Visit Is Essential



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Seoul - a city of ancient traditions and modern trends - has earned its crown as the 'Beauty Capital of the World.' As Instagram and TikTok users passionately share their love for Korean beauty (K-beauty), this fueled the K-beauty frenzy, drawing travelers from across the world. With 11 million visitors in 2023, Seoul is expected to see even more this year.

How far will you travel for super dewy, hydrated skin? Skip online shopping for K-beauty products and pack your bags to embark on a radiant journey of luminous skin. We've listed the top beauty tours, activities to explore in South Korea, and most importantly how much currency you'll need.

You are one step closer to having smooth glass skin but first, reserve your South Korean Won to save time on your branch pick-up or use CXI's OnlineFX Home Delivery to order foreign currency whenever wherever.

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What’s Inside a K-Beauty Tour: From 3D Skincare to Traditional Rituals

Man getting a special facial procedure

Beauty tours are not exclusive to women, it is open to everyone. Immerse yourself in a traditional K-beauty tour with advanced Korean skincare that includes a 3D skincare analysis, personalized facial, color testing, and more. 

In addition to beauty, these tours can introduce participants to traditional Korean rituals found in jimijiibang, or Korean bathhouse, where they offer hydrotherapy, massage, saunas, and meditation.

Travel Tip: The best time to visit is April - June and September - November. The weather is great and best of all, it's the shoulder season so you'll be saving on your travel plans.

Top K-Beauty Tours to Experience in Seoul: Beauty on a Budget

cash is king infographic

Americans save 40-80% on beauty procedures abroad. Save even more by having cash on hand. Cash is king—prepare with South Korean won from CXI OnlineFX. Keep reading for the top beauty tours and their estimated costs!

Currency Tip: Cash is widely used in South Korea. According to the Global Payments Report, more than 50% of purchases in Asian-Pacific markets are cash payments. Be sure to have cash on hand to avoid paying foreign ATM fees while traveling abroad


1. The Reborn Korean Beauty Tour

This one-day private tour called the Reborn Tour features a tour of Seoul, where you will learn the secrets of K-beauty and flawless skin from your guide. You will have the option of purchasing Koran cosmetic products as part of your experience.

This experience also includes a Korean lunch (Organic Bibimbab) and private transport from your hotel to the drop-off at Seoul. There is even an optional Korean cooking class. This is an experience filled with the best insider activities, restaurants, and spots that only Koreans know about.

Currency Tip: You can experience this K-beauty tour for only $290 USD, which is about 348,000* South Korean Won

*Numbers are based on May 17, 2024 data. Exchange rates are subject to change.


2. The Luxury Korean Beauty Tour

This Luxury K-Beauty Tour is a one-day experience that takes place in Seoul. It is a bit more exclusive of a tour and features an extravagant lunch at the Cheongdamdog, which is a luxurious restaurant frequented by Korean celebrities.

It also includes a royal full-course dinner in an exclusive restaurant. Throughout the day, you will learn the many secrets of flawless skin and beauty from your professional teacher. You will also have the opportunity to buy cosmetics, including some luxury Korean brands like Hanyul, Laneige, and Iope.

Currency Tip: You can experience this Luxury K-beauty tour for only $190 USD, which is about 228,000* South Korean Won

*Numbers are based on May 17, 2024 data. Exchange rates are subject to change.


Where Can You Find Seoul’s Best Restaurants and Shopping Centers


After exploring the beauty scene, explore the culinary wonderland of restaurants and amazing shopping options Seoul has to offer.

  • 7th Door: A unique and award-winning restaurant that features a long, neon-lit corridor with different doors representing different tastes or flavors to try.
  • Jungsik: This New York-based restaurant customizes traditional dishes using modern techniques with geometrical light features, indoor trees, and polished black surfaces
  • Lotte World Tower & Mall:  The tallest building in South Korea and the 5th tallest in the world. Inside you can expect a shopper's paradise filled with shopping along with some amazing restaurants, galleries, cafes, and even a concert hall
  • The Hyundai Seoul Mall:  Seoul's newest mall that opened in 2021. This mall is very popular with young and fashionable travelers who are looking to fill up their suitcases with amazing clothing and beauty products to bring back home. Don't miss out on the diverse restaurant options, there's something suitable for all.
Travel Tip: Tipping is not customary in South Korea. Leaving a tip may be seen as rude. Simply thank your host politely. 

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