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Don't Miss Out on Witnessing Olympic History in Paris This Summer

Anne June 4th, 2024
Don't Miss Out on Witnessing Olympic History in Paris This Summer


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The 2024 Summer Olympics are set to captivate the world from July 26 to August 11, 2024, with Paris as the main host city. Imagine the thrill of standing amidst cheering crowds, feeling the adrenaline surge as athletes break records, and savoring French cuisine under the Eiffel Tower. Don’t miss out—book your flight, pack your bags, and let Paris weave its Olympic enchantment around you! 

Last-minute plans for the Paris 2024 Olympics are still within reach. Whether you’re a spontaneous traveler or simply missed the initial rush, fear not you can still make it happen! As you plan your Olympic adventure—booking flights, securing hotel reservations, and snagging those coveted event tickets—don’t overlook your currency needs.

Having euros on hand will ensure a smooth experience, whether you’re savoring a croissant at a Parisian café or purchasing a memorable souvenir. Save time on your branch pick-up or use CXI's OnlineFX Home Delivery to order foreign currency whenever wherever.

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How Do I Get Tickets for the Paris Olympics
Summer Olympics 2024 in Paris, France

There are close to 10 million tickets available for purchase for the 2024 Summer Olympics, with another 3.4 million for the Paralympic games, all sold on this official website and accessible worldwide, including Europe. There will not be any draw, and tickets can go on sale at any moment prior to the beginning of the Olympic Games. Therefore, tickets to the Paris Olympics will likely go fast, so be quick with your purchases when you see an event that interests you. You can find the Olympic game schedule here for every event you might want to attend.

One easy way to get the most out of your experience in Paris is to combine your tickets to an event with your accommodations via the official Olympic site.  There are even hospitality packages that you can purchase that include tickets for events, private boxes, interactive entertainment, and even athlete meet and greets. 

Currency Tip: While you can likely pay for your event tickets and flight ahead of time, it is still important to have cash on hand to tip taxi drivers, tip waiters at restaurants, purchase from small shops or street vendors, and to perhaps buy souvenirs from this noteworthy and historic event.

What to Do in Paris During the Olympics
Cityscape of Paris, France at sunset

While the historical nature of the Olympic events combined with the famous attractions of Paris might be enough in and of itself to draw you to the city of lights, there are other attractions, adventures, and sightseeing opportunities to be had. The following are a few of the must-experience attractions you don't want to miss when in Paris:

1. Eiffel Tower

The most iconic attraction in Paris was constructed in 1889. At 986 feet, the Eiffel Tower remained the tallest building in the world for over four decades. When you visit, you'll be able to take an elevator to the top of the tower, where you'll see breathtaking views of Paris' skyline.

2. The Louvre

The world's most visited museum, the Louvre is a must-visit location while you're in Paris, with 8-9 million visitors annually. This sleek glass pyramid is home to famous pieces like Leonardo da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa” and Michelangelo’s “Dying Slave.” You don't want to skip this!

3. Galeries Lafayette

Shopping in Paris won't be complete without visiting the Galeries Lafayette. This five-story upmarket French department store is the biggest in Europe and has some of the most luxurious stores including Chanel, Hermès, and Louis Vuitton. There you can also go to the last floor of the building to have an amazing view of Paris.

4. Disneyland Paris

Visit the magical place of Disneyland in Paris. There are two parks to experience: Disneyland Paris and Walt Disney Studios Park. With over 50+ attractions, there's something mystical for everyone to experience.

5. Versailles Palace

The Versailles Palace is a must-visit attraction and the most visited near Paris! This extravagant palace and gardens can take up to two days to experience all of its glory.

6. Arc de Triomphe

Built as a commemoration of the success France found in the Battle of the Three Emperors, the Arc de Triomphe is a monument situated inside a roundabout at the northern end of the Avenue de Champs-Élysées and is known as the country’s most patriotic symbol. You can enjoy a self-guided tour and keep in mind everyone must have a ticket to visit the monument.

Travel Tip: Here's how much you can expect to spend while in Paris.
A 10-mile cab ride is about $47.87
A budget dinner for 2 is about $31.92
Pint of beer is about $7.45 It is typically to tip around 10-15%

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