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Top Tips for the Perfect Family Kids-Friendly Cruise

Anne January 2nd, 2024
Top Tips for the Perfect Family Kids-Friendly Cruise


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Who doesn’t love a good cruise? The sunshine, the salt air, the endless activities in one city-sized boat. It’s a guaranteed way to have fun and make memories.

However, it’s harder to find the right cruises for kids. Determining which cruise lines and itineraries will work for little ones can be hard, but it’s easier with the right information on board. Read on to explore family-friendly cruises with tailored itineraries, engaging onboard activities for kids, and delightful shore excursions. Family vacation, here you come!

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Top Family-Friendly Cruises for Memorable Vacations 

Family in front of a cruise ship

Who are you going to sail with? The best cruise lines for families are ones that cater to everyone, especially to young ones, with the right food, lodgings, and activities to keep them busy but give them space when needed. All-inclusive family cruises that do it well include:

Family-Friendly Cruises: Finding the Perfect Fit for Kids and Parents

Tourists on a large cruise ship

To find the best family cruises, follow these steps:

  1. Choose your destination: This is more important than the cruise line because you want to choose the right climate and sights for your family.
  2. Choose a ship size: Not everyone wants to feel like they’re at a concert all the time, in which case a smaller ship is better. Love crowds and tons of amenities? Go bigger.
  3. Set a budget: Cruises have different rates for different rooms and packages. Choose one that your bank account can accommodate or you’ll spend the whole time stressing.
  4. Account for ancillary expenses: Remember costs such as airfare and shore excursions, which typically aren’t covered.
  5. Check out the kid care options: Most of the best cruises for kids offer babysitting. If you need it, double-check!


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