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CXI Branch Locations Status and Employee/Customer Protective Measures

Jacquelyn June 9th, 2021
CXI Branch Locations Status and Employee/Customer Protective Measures


Currency Price Protection Ordering foreign currency is contactless with OnlineFX.

Order Foreign Currency

CXI lets you order currency without ever leaving your home with OnlineFX. Get any of our more than 90 currencies as fast as the next day and delivered to your doorstep.
 OnlineFX is available in Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Kentucky, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, New Hampshire, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, Washington DC, and Wyoming.





In March we announced a temporary closing of all of our company-owned retail branches due to coronavirus. We're working really hard on welcoming you back to our retail branches and look forward to seeing you again soon. As we reopen, you will notice we have made some safety precautions to help protect our employees and customers. Additionally, we are currently still selling all our normal currencies and purchasing all major currencies. We are limited in some minor currencies, so we advise contacting a branch prior to coming in to confirm we purchase any minor currency.


CXI branch locations status and OnlineFX home delivery availability 

As the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) continues to issue new guidance on how to prevent the spread of coronavirus, we’ve carefully weighed the health and safety of our customers and employees with our desire to serve you in our branches. 

Here's the current status of our branch hours for all of our company-owned retail locations. We will continue updating our branch locations status below as we get more information. 

CXI Closed = Closed  CXI Open = Open  OnlineFX  = OnlineFX Home Delivery Available  TBD = To be determined


State  City CXI Branch Reopening Date Closed Date
Arkansas   OnlineFX Home Delivery Available    


Berkeley Berkeley Mechanics Bank 6/8/20   Aventura Mall - Open  
California Concord Sunvalley Shopping Center Permanently Closed 10/23/20   
California Costa Mesa South Coast Plaza     Aventura Mall - Open  
California Escondido Westfield North County 9/3/20   Aventura Mall - Open  
California Glendale Glendale Galleria Permanently Closed     
California Los Angeles Beverly Center Permanently Closed     
California Los Angeles Citadel Outlets 6/3/20   Aventura Mall - Open  
California Los Angeles Santa Monica Place 6/15/20   Aventura Mall - Open  
California Los Angeles Westfield Century City Permanently Closed 10/23/20   
California Milpitas San Jose Great Mall 9/3/20   Aventura Mall - Open  
California Ontario Ontario Mills Mall 9/3/20   Aventura Mall - Open  
California San Diego Westfield Mission Valley 6/8/20   Aventura Mall - Open  
California San Francisco San Francisco Mechanics Bank 6/8/20   Aventura Mall - Open  
California San Francisco Westfield San Francisco Centre 9/14/20   Westfield San Francisco Centre - Open  
California Santa Ana MainPlace Mall 9/3/20   Aventura Mall - Open  
Colorado Denver Cherry Creek Shopping Center 6/22/20   Aventura Mall - Open  
Connecticut Stamford Stamford Town Center Permanently Closed     
Florida Aventura Aventura Mall 5/26/20   Aventura Mall - Open  
Florida Fort Lauderdale The Galleria at Fort Lauderdale Permanently Closed 12/30/20 Galleria at Ft Lauderdale - Closed  
Florida Miami Dadeland Mall 5/26/20   Dadeland Mall - Open  
Florida Miami Dolphin Mall 6/8/20   Dadeland Mall - Open  
Florida Orlando The Florida Mall 5/11/20   Florida Mall - Open  
Florida Orlando ICON Park 6/9/20   Florida Mall - Open  
Florida Sunrise Sawgrass Mills Mall 5/26/20   Sawgrass Mills Mall - Open  
Georgia   OnlineFX Home Delivery Available    
Hawaii Aiea Pearlridge Center 9/24/20   International Marketplace - Open
Hawaii  Honolulu International Market Place 9/24/20   Pearlridge Center - Open
Idaho   OnlineFX Home Delivery Available    
Illinois  Chicago The Shops at North Bridge 6/15/20   Sawgrass Mills Mall - Open  
Kentucky   OnlineFX Home Delivery Available    
Louisiana New Orleans Outlet Collection At Riverwalk Permanently Closed 10/23/20
Maine   OnlineFX Home Delivery Available    
Maryland Bethesda Westfield Montgomery 6/29/20   Pearlridge Center - Open
Maryland  Hanover Arundel Mills Mall 6/29/20   International Marketplace - Open
Massachusetts Boston Copley Place 6/15/20   Pearlridge Center - Open 
Michigan   OnlineFX Home Delivery Available    
Minnesota   OnlineFX Home Delivery Available    
Missouri   OnlineFX Home Delivery Available    
Montana   OnlineFX Home Delivery Available    
New Hampshire   OnlineFX Home Delivery Available    
New Jersey Paramus Westfield Garden State 6/29/20   Pearlridge Center - Open
New Mexico   OnlineFX Home Delivery Available    
New York New York Avenue of the Americas 7/13/20   MacArthur Center - Open 
New York New York Grand Central Station 6/22/20   Pearlridge Center - Open 
New York New York Penn Station 6/17/20   MacArthur Center - Open 
New York New York Union Square 7/13/20   Pearlridge Center - Open 
New York New York Upper East Side 7/13/20   MacArthur Center - Open 
New York Queens Queens Center Permanently Closed 10/23/20
Ohio   OnlineFX Home Delivery Available    
Oklahoma   OnlineFX Home Delivery Available    
Oregon Portland Washington Square Permanently Closed 10/30/20   
Pennsylvania Philadelphia Fashion District Permanently Closed 10/23/20
Pennsylvania   OnlineFX Home Delivery Available    

Rhode Island

  OnlineFX Home Delivery Available    
South Dakota   OnlineFX Home Delivery Available    
Texas   OnlineFX Home Delivery Available    
Utah   OnlineFX Home Delivery Available    
Vermont   OnlineFX Home Delivery Available    
Virginia Norfolk MacArthur Center 6/1/20   MacArthur Center - Open  
Virginia Tysons Corner Tysons Corner Center 6/8/20   Aventura Mall - Open  
Virginia Woodbridge Potomac Mills Mall 6/8/20   Aventura Mall - Open  
Washington Lynnwood Alderwood Mall 6/15/20   Sawgrass Mills Mall - Open  
Washington Tukwila Westfield Southcenter 6/29/20   Sawgrass Mills Mall - Open  
Washington DC   OnlineFX Home Delivery Available    
Wyoming   OnlineFX Home Delivery Available    



Enabling a safe environment to protect you and our employees

As a multinational company, we have strong relationships in place with all of our vendors and service providers as well as insights from health experts including the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO), and local health authorities. We have confirmed our procedures meet or exceed their guidelines. 

  • Enhanced Cleaning: Both in branch and at our processing centers, we've initiated expanded cleaning and disinfecting. We've also ensured the buildings and shopping centers are providing their own enhanced cleaning procedures. 
  • Personal Protection:  Hand sanitizer will be available for our employees and customers on demand. We are providing our employees with cloth masks and have increased the height of plexiglass at all retail locations that were not fully enclosed. We are adding floor markers to help remind everyone to keep a safe distance while you're waiting to exchange currency.
  • Travel Restrictions: Both in branch and at our processing centers, we have implemented travel restrictions that limit any unnecessary travel and utilize video conferencing instead of group meetings. Upon return from certain regions, we are requiring our employees to self-quarantine prior to returning to work. 
  • We Ask You, Our Clients: If you are feeling ill, have tested positive for COVID-19, have been exposed to the virus, or have traveled internationally or to any CDC Advisory location, please wait two weeks of being symptom-free before coming to the branch. To enable quicker exchanges, we have our OnlineFX Reservation website available so you can order your currency ahead of time. When you do this, you can arrange a specific time to pick up your order. This tends to speed up our transactions.

We are also working with best practices and guidance from health leaders so we can provide you a necessary service in your travel journey.

Here are some signs you will see at our branch in support of our safety precautions:

Retail Safety Precautions We've Taken Retail Safety Precautions We Ask You Take


Handling currency could be safer than your mobile phone

We understand there is a lot of misinformation being spread about cash handling. We want you to be confident in your handling of foreign cash. CXI has no restrictions on its currency purchases or sales related to the virus. There is no link to foreign cash being a carrier of the virus more than US cash and neither are likely vectors to spread the virus. The best practice for all cash handling is for an individual to wash or clean their hands afterward. Relevant sources below support the general consensus that the risk of handling soft surface materials like cash is low.


"Despite reports that the World Health Organization was pushing people to use contactless payments, a spokesperson for the WHO tells CNBC Make It it has not issued any warnings or statements about the use of cash. Instead, it reiterated that you should wash your hands, including after handling money, especially if you’re eating or touching food.” - CNBC 


“Flu viruses, for example, can survive on hard surfaces for 24 hours, but they can only survive on surfaces like tissues for 15 minutes …It’s not people exchanging money that’s spreading coronavirus.” - Dr. Amesh A. Adlja, M.D., Senior Scholar at Johns Hopkins University Center for Health Security 


"...the coronavirus would therefore also live longer on debit and credit cards, and mobile phones, which are being encouraged as payment option by many of the world’s central banks. “Cash is just one of a number of frequently touched surfaces we encounter. The same is true for any other payment device whether it’s a card, phone or watch,” says Reserve Bank of New Zealand assistant governor, Christian Hawkesby.


"The research appears to indicate banknotes will not transmit the virus any more than using a debit card or mobile phone. Due diligence in terms of personal hygiene therefore appears to be the key to preventing the spread of the virus when using any payment method." - Central Banking


Branches are purchasing all major and minor currencies

Our branches are currently able to purchase all major foreign currencies plus more than 55 minor currencies. We’ve made progress with our network of trading partners and logistics channels internationally to support more minor currencies. As a reminder, our branches are still able to sell our normal 90+ foreign currencies. These are the following updated list of all foreign currencies we can purchase: 

  • Afghanistan Afghanis - AFN
  • Argentine Peso - ARS
  • Armenia Dram - AMD
  • Australia Dollar - AUD
  • Bahamian dollar BSD
  • Bahrain Dinar - BHD
  • Bangladeshi taka - BDT
  • Barbados Dollar - BBD
  • Belize Dollar - BZD
  • Bermuda Dollar - BMD
  • Bolivia Boliviano - BOB
  • Brazil Real - BRL
  • Brunei Dollar - BND
  • Bulgaria New Leva - BGN
  • Cambodia Riel - KHR
  • Canada Dollar - CAD
  • Canada Dollar Coin - CADC
  • Cayman Islands Dollar - KYD
  • Central Africa CFA Franc - XAF
  • Chilean peso CLP
  • China Yuan - CNY
  • Colombian peso - COP
  • Costa Rican colon - CRC
  • Croatia Kuna - HRK
  • Czech Republic Koruna - CZK
  • Denmark Kroner - DKK
  • Eastern Caribbean Dollar - XCD
  • Egyptian pound - EGP
  • European Central Bank Coin - EURC
  • European Central Bank Euro - EUR
  • Fijian dollar - FJD
  • Gibraltar Pound - GIP
  • Guatemalan quetzal - GTQ
  • Guernsey Pound - GGP
  • Haiti Gourd - HTG
  • Honduras Lempira - HNL
  • Hong Kong Dollar - HKD
  • Hungary Forint - HUF
  • Iceland Krona - ISK
  • Indian rupee - INR
  • Indonesia Rupiah - IDR
  • Iraq Dinar - IQD
  • Isle of Man Pound - IMP
  • Israel Shekel - ILS
  • Jamaica Dollar - JMD
  • Japan Yen - JPY
  • Jersey Pound - JEP
  • Jordan Dinar - JOD
  • Kenya Shillings - KES
  • Korea (South) Won - KRW
  • Kuwait Dinar - KWD
  • Lao Kip - LAK
  • Malaysia Ringgit - MYR
  • Mauritius Rupee - MUR
  • Mexico Peso - MXN
  • Mexico Peso Coin - MXNC
  • Morocco Dirham - MAD
  • Myanmar Kyat - MMK
  • Nepal Rupees - NPR
  • New Zealand Dollar - NZD
  • Nicaraguan cordoba - NIO
  • Northern Ireland Pound - NIP
  • Norway Kroner - NOK
  • Oman Rial - OMR
  • Pakistani rupee - PKR
  • Papua New Guinea Kina - PGK
  • Paraguay Guarani - PYG
  • Peruvian sol - PEN
  • Philippine peso - PHP
  • Poland Zloty - PLN
  • Qatar Riyal - QAR
  • Romania New Leu - RON
  • Russian Federation Ruble - RUB
  • Saudi Arabia Riyala - SAR
  • Scotland Pound - SCP
  • Serbia Dinar - RSD
  • Singapore Dollar - SGD
  • South Africa Rand - ZAR
  • Sri Lanka Rupee - LKR
  • Sweden Kronor - SEK
  • Switzerland Franc - CHF
  • Tahitian franc - XPF
  • Taiwan Dollar - TWD
  • Tanzania Shillings - TZS
  • Thailand Baht - THB
  • Trinidadian dollar - TTD
  • Tunisia Dinar - TND
  • Turkey Lira - TRY
  • Ukraine Hryvnia - UAH
  • United Arab Emirates Dirham - AED
  • United Kingdom Pound Coin - GBPC
  • United Kingdom Pound Sterling - GBP
  • Vietnam Dong - VND
  • West Africa CFA Franc - XOF


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