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Snowbird Travel in the Caribbean

Anne December 11th, 2023
Snowbird Travel in the Caribbean


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Scheduling time away during the winter months is beneficial both physically and mentally. It helps you stay more active and also keeps your spirit up and mind sharp as you make your way to new locales and even different cultures. Snowbirds are already way ahead in knowing how to live life to the fullest.

Instead of making an annual trip to Florida, branch out overseas to escape the cold in the Caribbean. What better place to travel to in winter than the breathtakingly beautiful and warm Caribbean? Some of the best times in the Caribbean can be experienced during the winter months, making it the perfect place to be a snowbird this year. Caribbean travel offers a variety of islands and landscapes to enjoy, and you’re sure to find an island that meets your budget.

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1. Barbados

Bridgetown Barbados Marina

Barbados is known for its sandy beaches, unique wildlife, and the best food and finest rum in the Caribbean. There are so many action-packed activities, attractions, and vibrant festivals to experience while in Barbados.

From sampling rum at Mount Gay Rum Distillery Tours to exploring the jungle on an island safari, there is something for every snowbird to experience while breaking free from the cold. The winter festivals include the Jazz Music Festival (January) and the International Bridge Festival (February).

If you're looking for the best regions to reside in while in Barbados, here are the top locations:

  • Paynes Bay area (near the islands' best restaurants)
  • The Crane area (secluded from the bustle)
  • Rockley (close to the best restaurants, shopping, and bars)


2. Grenada

Annandale Falls Grenada Waterfall

Grenada offers a treat for all types of travelers, offering up lush rainforests, mesmerizing waterfalls, incredible scuba diving sites, and more. The best time for snowbirds to visit Grenada is during the wintertime. This is the period with the least amount of chance of rainfall, which allows you to experience Grenada with little to no precipitation interruption.

Grenada has beautiful places that are worth visiting. Here are some top locations for snowbirds to live in:

  • El Albaicin (Oldest neighborhood)
  • El Centro (city centre)
  • El Realejo (modern vibrant neighbourhood)
  • Bola de Oro (quiet neighborhood, perfect for families)



3. St. Lucia

Saint Lucia Beach Gros Piton

St. Lucia is a nature-lover's paradise, so bring along your camera and binoculars. While a popular destination throughout the summer months, St. Lucia is less visited in the wintertime, making it the perfect spot to settle. You'll be able to truly enjoy St. Lucia's beauty without the crowd and soak up the fresh clean air as it's warm year-round. 

You can wander through dramatic landscapes, snorkel along colorful coral reefs, kayak or scuba dive in the surrounding waters, bike through lush rainforests, or stroll through tropical botanical gardens.

In addition to these activities, here are must-see locations in St. Lucia:



What Ways to Experience Local Culture While Visiting the Caribbean

Winter travel provides you with the opportunity to experience local cultures, usually with fewer crowds. Here are a few tips for how to do so on your next trip.

  • Shop at local markets, learn new recipes, and experiment with ingredients (especially spices). You may even want to take a cooking class or two.
  • Spend time in local museums and art galleries, and gain a sense of culture and history through local artists and exhibits.
  • Study local architecture and landmarks, learning of their history and design.
  • Immerse yourself in the culture of the island by eating where the locals eat and play, including attending or even participating in their festivals and celebrations.
  • Exchange your currency before traveling abroad to save you time and money. Become familiar with the foreign currency of the island and avoid relying on US dollars. Cash is king. Always have cash on hand to pay for excursions and tipping. 




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