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    These Countries Have the Most Foreign Currency Reserves

    Find out which countries are holding the largest amount of foreign exchange reserves in the world.

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    China’s Currency Creeps Closer Towards Growth

    The Chinese yuan is indicating signals of reaching global reserve status.

      The International Monetary Fund is creeping closer to including China's yuan in an elite basket of reserve currencies, with the US and other major shareholders likely to back the move unless IMF staff make a surprise recommendation against i...

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    New Incredible Fact Tourists Should Know About Visas

    Are you really prepared for that next vacation? Check out what you need to know.

      Thailand's Ministry for Foreign Affairs has confirmed that it will be launching a new six month multiple entry tourist visa in November. In a notice posted to the Thai MFA's Facebook page Monday, it said: "Thailand will soon ...

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    China Currency Concerns Grow As International Stocks Drop

    Worries on China's economy are sending shock waves. Here is what you need to know about the yuan.

      Concerns about China's economy sent shock waves across global markets on Wednesday, shocking currency markets and crushing stocks. The turbulence came as China devalued its currency for a second straight day, after the Chinese central...

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