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    Brexit headlines whip sterling around in otherwise quiet start to the week

    • Big week ahead features US Mid-term elections and the FOMC meeting on Thursday. • EU to propose disciplining Italy over its budget. • Bank of Canada’s Stephen Poloz speaking now before UK Chamber of Commerce. • RBA meets tonight with no changes to ...

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    New Select Foreign Coins Now Available at Seven CXI Locations

    Now there's a solution for international travelers looking to exchange foreign coins.

    A recent high demand in an untapped foreign coin market, has presented the opportunity for Currency Exchange International (CXI) to extend its services by providing international travelers the ability to exchange select foreign coins. Today, interna...

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    A New Direction for Canada's $10 Banknote

    Canada's new $10 vertical banknote in circulation features Viola Desmond, a civil rights activist.

      The Bank of Canada issued a new $10 note which features a map of the historic North End of Halifax and the face of Viola Desmond, a civil rights activist. This banknote was announced back in 2016, and will be the first vertical banknote ...

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    CXI Announces Exchange Bank of Canada Enters into an Agreement to Acquire the Assets of a Canadian International Payments Business

    Currency Exchange International is pleased to announce its wholly-owned subsidiary Exchange Bank of Canada has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire the assets of a business operating 22 years in the province of Quebec.

      July 9, 2018 Toronto, Canada – Currency Exchange International, Corp. (the “Company”) (TSX:CXI; OTCBB:CURN), a full service foreign exchange technology and services provider, is pleased to announce its wholly-owned subsidiary Exchange Bank of ...

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    Treat Your Dad with Travel This Father's Day

    Ditch the tools this year and give your dad an unforgettable experience with a vacation.

      Father’s Day is right around the corner and it always seems harder to shop for dad than it is for mom. He’s already got plenty of tools and ties, so make this year extra special with the gift of travel. Below are some of the dad approved trips tha...

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    Why Bank of Canada Wants to Remove Old Banknotes and Create New Currency

    Bank of Canada is planning to remove legal tender status from a variety of old banknotes.

    ...ation current and of high quality. Find out more: https://t.co/nz9F60Whyr pic.twitter.com/Xd6NusBalL — Bank of Canada (@bankofcanada) February 28, 2018   Common Practice Internationally Removing legal tender status from older banknotes is s...

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    Top 21 Countries Bringing International Travelers to the U.S.

    The National Travel and Tourism Office has released the top 21 countries bringing travelers into the U.S. as well as projections through 2022.

      The National Travel and Tourism Office has released its six-year forecast for international travel to the United States. Taking a look at recent travel trends, the forecast estimates almost all of the top ranked incoming travel countries will...

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    New Currency Swap Agreement Signed by Bank of Canada and Bank of Korea

    Here's what the new currency swap agreement between Canada and South Korea means.

      On November 15, 2017 the Bank of Canada and the Bank of Korea signed a bilateral liquidity swap agreement. This agreement is set to be effective immediately, and will benefit both Canada and Korea should the need arise. What Is a Currency Swa...

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    A Secret Story behind Each Currency

    A look at the new commemorative banknotes soon to be released by central banks.

      Money is something we are used to seeing on a daily basis. However, how deeply do we look at the bills we pass around each and every day? From Prime Ministers to Olympic winners, banknotes all around the world are created in commemoration of ...

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    The Top 6 Needs For Corporations To Unleash the True Potential of Their International Payments

    Unlock your business revenue with solutions that meet your business needs.

      While corporations continue to evolve in the international payments landscape, so do their needs. Identifying those needs and their priority is one of the first stages of developing an international payments process. An effective internationa...

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    CXI and Exchange Bank of Canada Sponsors Apparel & Textile Sourcing Canada 2017

    CXI and EBC will be speaking live and host a booth at Canada's Premier Apparel & Textile International Sourcing Trade Show.

      Exchange Bank of Canada and CXI are proud to announce a sponsorship of Canada’s largest Apparel and Textile Sourcing Trade Show. The event will take place in Toronto, Ontario from August 21 - 23, 2017 at the International...

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    Bank of Canada Unveils New $10 Banknote

    Canada celebrates their 150th anniversary of confederation with a new banknote.

    Photo: Bank of Canada   Bank of Canada announced a new $10 banknote in honor of celebrating the 150th anniversary of confederation. It’s set to begin circulation on June 1, 2017 and the day has finally arrived.    &n...

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    CXI Announces Eight Executed Agreements with Financial Institutions Totaling over 2,100 New Transacting Locations

    CXI and EBC have combined to execute eight agreements with financial institutions.

      May 9, 2017 Toronto, Ontario – Currency Exchange International, Corp. (TSX:CXI) (OTCBB:CURN), is pleased to announce the Company and its subsidiary Exchange Bank of Canada (EBC) have combined to execute eight agreements with financial institutions...

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    Currency Exchange International Appoints New Chief Financial Officer

    CXI is pleased to announce the appointment of industry veteran Mr. Stephen Fitzpatrick as Chief Financial Officer.

      April 24, 2017 Toronto, Ontario – Currency Exchange International, Corp. (the “Company”) (TSX:CXI) (OTCBB:CURN), a foreign exchange services provider, is pleased to announce the appointment of industry veteran Mr. Stephen Fitzpatrick as Chief Fina...

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    CXI at BAFT: Putt for Dough Challenge

    You drove for show, now putt for dough.

          Currency Exchange International is proud to announce we will be attending the 2017 BAFT Global Annual Meeting as an international payments solution provider member at the Turnberry Isle Miami i...

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    Bank of Canada Announces New Woman on Currency

    A new iconic woman will be featured on the $10 banknote.

    ... and freedoms, will be on new $10 bank note https://t.co/ETyBZud0eu pic.twitter.com/B0tcy94jnP — Bank of Canada (@bankofcanada) December 8, 2016   With over 26,300 submissions the bank received from the public, the advisory council n...

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    Exchange Bank of Canada’s CEO On Being Canada’s Foreign Exchange Specialist With Canadian Treasurer Magazine

    Exclusive interview with Canadian Treasurer about Canada's new schedule 1 bank.

      Last month Currency Exchange International announced the grand opening of Exchange Bank of Canada, a new Canadian Schedule 1 Bank.  EBC delivers specialized wholesale foreign exchange solutions to financial institutions and businesses, includi...

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    Currency Exchange International, Corp. Announces “Exchange Bank of Canada”, a new Canadian Schedule 1 Bank

    Currency Exchange International, Corp. (TSX:CXI) (OTCBB:CURN) is pleased to announce that effective September 19, 2016, Currency Exchange International of Canada Corp., CXI’s wholly owned subsidiary, has been continued as Exchange Bank of Canada (EBC), in ...

    p{text-align:justify; } September 19, 2016 Toronto,Canada – Currency Exchange International, Corp. (TSX:CXI) (OTCBB:CURN), is pleased to announce that effective September 19, 2016, Currency Exchange International of Canada Corp., CXI’s wholly ow...

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    Weekend Wanderlust

    Top social media posts our fans love from July 1 - 7.

      Twitter: An Intro to Traveling the Epic Country of Canada Whether you’re ready to set off on an epic quest to cross the country or just want to see if Canada lives up to the hype, it’s time to learn what you’re in for. ...

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    Canada Will Feature Woman On New Currency

    Bank of Canada announced a woman will be featured on its new banknote and wants your vote.

    ...Canada is engaging public in open process to nominate #BankNOTEable women pic.twitter.com/lfP65wLuk7 — Bank of Canada (@bankofcanada) March 8, 2016   “Bank notes are cultural touchstones, and can be used to celebrate and reflect the diversity o...

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    Canadian Dollar Cracks As International Tourism Booms

    Despite the Bank of Canada keeping interest rates unchanged tourism in Canada is gaining strength.

    ...tor expected to be the main source of growth going forward #cdnecon pic.twitter.com/u5BPicSVKO — Bank of Canada (@bankofcanada) January 20, 2016   They also project Canada's economy will grow by about 1 1/2 percent in 2016 and 2 ...

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    FX Forecast: Gloomy Outlook For The Canadian Dollar

    The Canadian dollar sinks below the 70 cent U.S. level for the first time since 2003.

    ...ness Outlook Survey is out… #cdnecon https://t.co/EINRp3LF8M pic.twitter.com/f3JjwhuCHB — Bank of Canada (@bankofcanada) January 11, 2016   MarketWatch reports, “Many market strategists believe that the central bank'...

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    NewLeaf Announces New Low Fare Flights For Canada

    Canadian travelers can now fly for as low as $89 one-way starting February 2016 and U.S. coming soon.

    ...na, Saskatoon and Winnipeg.   Our route map officially announced in #winnipeg at @YWGairport!!! #flynewleaf #explorecanada pic.twitter.com/cZ7dNxWAi2 — NewLeaf Travel (@newleaftravel) January 6, 2016     Apparently purchasi...

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    Why Are Central Banks Playing A Global Game Of Chess

    The financial struggle is more than real and strategic.

      After the European Central Bank decided to initiate an asset purchasing program, President Mario Draghi reportedly elected to unwind with a game of chess on his iPad during the plane ride back to Rome. In a new commentary, the two portfol...

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    What Impact Does China Have On Other Currencies

    The Chinese Yuan devaluation is shocking. Check out which foreign currencies are being hit hardest.

      We all know the current emotion that is driving the market is extreme fear. And most of it is due to the domino effect of the Chinese Yuan devaluation. But what about all of the other foreign currencies? Let’s take a closer look at ...

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    Weekly Wanderlust

    Top social media posts our fans love from July 30 - August 5.

      Facebook: Where to travel with the falling Canadian dollar Where should Canadian travelers concerned about the declining dollar go? Trips to their favorite destination, the U.S., will cost about 10 per cent more than at the beginning of th...

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