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    New Select Foreign Coins Now Available at Seven CXI Locations

    Now there's a solution for international travelers looking to exchange foreign coins.

    ... back can represent over 23 different countries of the EU.  $2 Canadian Dollar (CAD) Coin The $2 Canadian dollar coin is also referred to as the toonie by Canadians. It has a life span that is approximately 20 times longer than paper ...

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    Why Bank of Canada Wants to Remove Old Banknotes and Create New Currency

    Bank of Canada is planning to remove legal tender status from a variety of old banknotes.

    ...ation current and of high quality. Find out more: https://t.co/nz9F60Whyr pic.twitter.com/Xd6NusBalL — Bank of Canada (@bankofcanada) February 28, 2018   Common Practice Internationally Removing legal tender status from older banknotes is s...

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    Bank of Canada Unveils New $10 Banknote

    Canada celebrates their 150th anniversary of confederation with a new banknote.

    ...in circulation on June 1, 2017 and the day has finally arrived.        Looking for Canadian dollars or other currencies for your upcoming trip? Reserve it at your local CXI branch location Locations by State:...

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    Canada Will Feature Woman On New Currency

    Bank of Canada announced a woman will be featured on its new banknote and wants your vote.

    ...Canada is engaging public in open process to nominate #BankNOTEable women pic.twitter.com/lfP65wLuk7 — Bank of Canada (@bankofcanada) March 8, 2016   “Bank notes are cultural touchstones, and can be used to celebrate and reflect the diversity o...

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    FX Forecast: Gloomy Outlook For The Canadian Dollar

    The Canadian dollar sinks below the 70 cent U.S. level for the first time since 2003.

    ...ness Outlook Survey is out… #cdnecon https://t.co/EINRp3LF8M pic.twitter.com/f3JjwhuCHB — Bank of Canada (@bankofcanada) January 11, 2016   MarketWatch reports, “Many market strategists believe that the central bank'...

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