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    How to Vacation for (Nearly) Free

    Use these simple yet effective tricks to travel without spending a dime.

      Did you know that there are ways to have your dream vacation for free (or pretty close to it)? If costs are what’s holding you back from having the trip of a lifetime, you need to try these tricks. Who knows, you might find yourself traveling ...

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    Why Now is the Time to Book Your Summer Flights

    Summer prices for flights are increasing quickly, so find out the best times to book it.

    ...ant as this date may not always be exact. If you are having to fly in the middle of summer, keep in mind it’s usually cheaper to fly on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays, according to USA Today. Sunday is definitely the day you want to avoid fly...

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    How to Spring Break the Cheap Way

    This is the golden ticket you’ve been waiting for.

      When exactly does Spring Break start? It all depends on when your school decides it should be. Can you imagine if all the Colleges and Universities decided to do Spring Break at the same time? One word: Chaos. Now after taking all things ...

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    How to Travel Cheap From the US to Europe

    No more excuses why you can’t travel to Europe this year.

    Photo: Norwegian Air   You might recall a while ago we shared some exciting news with you about the Norwegian Air CEO announcing $69 flights from US to Europe. Well we have some more good news for you, along with an update on which dest...

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    How to Travel Smart on a Budget

    Learn how to avoid the financial downfall many face when traveling.

    ...r debit and credit cards, it’s easy for currency to slip away from our to-do list before we travel. It’s always cheaper to pay in the foreign currency even if it means getting hammered with the foreign transaction fee because the total cost...

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