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    What the New Foreign Exchange Global Code Means for Corporations

    A new foreign exchange code could lead to lower costs for corporations.

      A new FX Global Code was recently released by the Global Foreign Exchange Committee to be used as a guideline for the foreign exchange market. Many ongoing investigations of currency manipulation has prompted the crucial need to create this code. ...

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    SWIFT Unveils New Security Controls for International Wire Transfers

    A new way to prevent fraud and detect unusual payment flows faster.

    ...ions, and risk management features.  Compliance Verification System (CVS) The CVS allows for live compliance checks of regulatory watch lists, easy to review matches, live-stop capabilities, branch hopper aggregation, complian...

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    U.S. Chamber of Commerce Clarifies Corporations Concerns

    New survey reveals why corporations are struggling with their financial services.

    ...ions with the tools they need to help their financial growth.  Currency Exchange International is dedicated to remaining in compliance with all laws and regulations because compliance has long been at the forefront of its entire business operating mode...

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