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    How Traveling Abroad Can Improve Your Health

    Stop making excuses not to plan a trip and look at the great benefits traveling abroad can have on your health.

    ...short trip, you can find the benefits well worth all the planning. Why Travel Matters to Your Health Don’t believe that traveling can actually make you a healthier? Numerous studies have proven that traveling can make you more satisfied with your p...

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    5 Foods You Must Try in Israel and Where to Find Them

    These are our favorite spots to eat in Israel.

    ... some amba sauce to top it off! All of these restaurants are popular choices for tourists and locals alike. If you’re travelling to Israel soon, make sure to stop at as many of these restaurants as possible.   Get more travel tips an...

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    Chile Named Best Country to Visit in 2018

    This past year Chile has received numerous awards as a travel destination.

    ...longest ski run in South America. Route of Parks   A post shared by Chile Travel (@chiletravel) on Feb 17, 2018 at 10:14am PST In Chile’s efforts to expand their national parks, they have act...

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    The Cheapest Months to Travel to The Most Breathtaking European Destinations

    Here are best times to find good deals on traveling to these popular European destinations.

    ...ly or solo trip. If you’re looking on taking that trip to Europe this summer, we have got some tips on the best months to travel to each city. But make sure you start booking those plans soon! Booking your flight tickets eight to ten weeks out fr...

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    7 Incredible Houses to Rent in Greece for Cheap

    You won’t believe how cheap it is to rent any of these gorgeous houses in Greece!

    ...ll the expenses add up. Between transportation, hotels, food, and entertainment, it can be hard to plan an economical trip when traveling internationally. However, you may want to start looking at taking a trip to Greece this year. Below are some beau...

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    Beat the Crowds to These Popular Travel Destinations

    Find the perfect destination for your 2018 adventures.

    ...ign currency online is easy with OnlineFX. ORDER FOREIGN CURRENCY     Is 2018 your year to travel? If you’re still trying to figure out the best places for your international travel destinations this year, you&rsq...

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    6 Ways to Pass the Time in an Airport Without Spending a Single Dollar

    You can do all of these things for free while waiting for that next flight.

    ...your device charge. The first Skype video booth was installed in Tallinn Airport just a few short years ago. In this booth travelers can make free Skype-to-Skype calls. They even provide you with a headset. In addition, Denver International Airport, W...

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    7 Stunning Islands to Visit in Europe this Summer

    What better way to spend your summer in Europe than exploring the many beautiful islands?

    ...line is easy with OnlineFX. ORDER FOREIGN CURRENCY     Still trying to figure out where to travel to this summer? Travel and leisure just came out with their 2017 World’s Best Awards and these islands in Europe ha...

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    5 Most Beautiful Beaches in the World

    Have you planned your Summer getaway yet?

    ...easy with OnlineFX. ORDER FOREIGN CURRENCY     Are you still trying to figure out where to travel this summer? Whether you want a quiet secluded beach to take you away from all the stress and commotion of city life, or ...

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