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    The Complexity of Currency Design Revealed

    It isn’t easy to make a banknote both aesthetic and functional at the same time.

    ...ENCY     While digital currency is gaining popularity, paper money still prevails. When it comes to designing banknotes, it is important that utility and exclusivity are both evident. If you look at the banknotes you use da...

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    Weekend Wanderlust

    Top social media posts our fans love from May 13 - 19.

        Twitter: To improve airport wait times, port authority may replace TSA As all travelers know wait times at airports are continuing to rise and so are frustrations. In an attempt to solve this issue, some airports are looking ou...

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    France Trains Get New Versailles Look

    A stunning renaissance theme is taking over the interior of trains in France.

    ...hoto: Maxime Huriez All of the new decorations are adapted to the structure of the train. It offers a stunning new interior design that is full of color and art. This new design offers a whole new beautiful perspective on the train.   Phot...

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