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    European Central Bank Ends 500 Euro Banknotes

    The bank has decided to withdraw further production of 500 euro notes.

      The European Central Bank has officially decided to discontinue producing the 500 euro banknote on May 4, announced in a recent press release.  This decision came in the wake of public opinion claiming that these higher denomination ...

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    European Central Bank Releases New Monetary Policy

    ECB announces new interest rates and introduces an economic stimulus package.

      President of The European Central Bank, Mario Draghi announced their monetary policy stance on March 10. It was revealed that all interest rates were cut and expanded their monthly bond purchases. In an effort to avoid the possible danger of a...

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    Weekly Wanderlust

    Top social media posts our fans love from February 12 - 18.

    Photo: Flickr/Wolfgang Staudt - Montpellier, France   Twitter: 7 New Currencies Now Available At CXI We care so much about our customers, not only did we listen to your currency requests we went a step further and decided to roll out some br...

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    New 20 Euro Banknote Starts Circulating

    The new €20, third in the Europa series has a new look with more dynamic colors.

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    Fed Outlook: European Shares Freeze As U.S. Dollar Dips

    Currencies struggle as hopes of a Fed rate rise this year grows dimmer.

      European shares froze on Monday, after their strong start to the fourth quarter while the dollar dipped towards three week lows, with investors skeptical the U.S. Federal Reserve would raise interest rates this year. Chinese stocks jumped over...

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