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    Why Cash is Still King

    It’s 2019 and today there’s a cornucopia of ways to pay for goods and services.Yet, cash is still king. Here's why!

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    Hong Kong Currency: Everything You Need to Know

    Traveling to Hong Kong for business or just looking to enjoy all the wonders Hong Kong has to offer? In either case, you'll want to know some important facts about Hong Kong's currency. Check out all of the essentials.

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    5 Currency Facts You Probably Didn't Know About the Brazilian Real

    Think you know all about the Brazilian real? Here's some helpful tips and answers to some of the most asked questions about Brazil's currency.

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    Canadian Currency: Everything you Need to Know

    This is a brief breakdown for you to better understand what currency Canada uses, what Canadian currency looks like, the Canadian currency symbol, and if banks will take Canadian coins.

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    How Much Currency You Need to go on Vacation to London, United Kingdom

    Planning your trip to the UK? Know how much currency you need to have a great trip!

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    New Currencies: Laotian Kip and Myanmar Kyat

    New currencies, Laotian Kip and Myanmar Kyat now available for exchange!

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    Top 6 Things that Fuel Belgium’s Economy

    If you’re planning on making a trip out to the beautiful and serene land of Belgium, why not learn a little more about the country’s economy and its lifeblood.

    ...u’re planning on making a trip out to the beautiful and serene land of Belgium, why not learn a little more about the country’s economy and its lifeblood. You’ll be surprised to find out about some of the great things our world gets from Belgium, alone! ...

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    9 Insane but True Facts about Currency

    Surprising terms used for currency that you've never heard of before.

      Did you know slang has been used to describe money for centuries? Giving us a wide range of expressions to use in reference to currency. There's many slang expressions you've probably never heard of before. Here's a full list ...

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    U.S. Chamber of Commerce Clarifies Corporations Concerns

    New survey reveals why corporations are struggling with their financial services.

      The U.S. Chamber of Commerce released a survey on Thursday. It directly reveals the truth behind why corporations are having a hard time with accessing the financial services they need is due to the effect of the Dodd-Frank financial reforms. ...

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    Central Bank of Egypt Devalues Currency

    Egypt’s economy is in turmoil and has introduced a plan to ease their short supply of dollars.

    ...flickr/emi moriya   The Central Bank of Egypt devalued its currency in an effort to achieve monetary stability in their economy. As a result the bank has decided to adopt a more flexible exchange rate system. Wall Street Journal reports the ban...

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    European Central Bank Releases New Monetary Policy

    ECB announces new interest rates and introduces an economic stimulus package.

      President of The European Central Bank, Mario Draghi announced their monetary policy stance on March 10. It was revealed that all interest rates were cut and expanded their monthly bond purchases. In an effort to avoid the possible danger of a...

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    Weekly Wanderlust

    Top social media posts our fans love from February 12 - 18.

    Photo: Flickr/Wolfgang Staudt - Montpellier, France   Twitter: 7 New Currencies Now Available At CXI We care so much about our customers, not only did we listen to your currency requests we went a step further and decided to roll out some br...

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    European Central Bank Says Goodbye To €500 Banknote

    The euro zone is about to eliminate its highest value €500 banknote.

      The European Central Bank is seriously considering to get rid of its €500 euro banknote. A main reason behind this decision is due to public opinion claiming that these higher denomination bills are being used to support terrorism and money launde...

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    Federal Reserve Leaves Rates Unchanged

    The U.S. Federal Open Market Committee released its statement today and reached a decision.

    Photo: Stefan Fussan   After the Federal Reserve raised rates for the first time since 2006 back in December, the market seems to think it was a wrong move. And believe the Fed should leave interest rates unchanged. Washington post reports, ...

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    Canadian Dollar Cracks As International Tourism Booms

    Despite the Bank of Canada keeping interest rates unchanged tourism in Canada is gaining strength.

    ...is locked in at 0.25 percent. Overall the bank expects inflation to rise about 2 percent by early 2017. And now expects the economy's growth to be delayed until the second quarter of 2016.   Non-resource sector expected to be the ...

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    FX Forecast: Gloomy Outlook For The Canadian Dollar

    The Canadian dollar sinks below the 70 cent U.S. level for the first time since 2003.

    ...s, possibly at the central bank's meeting.” Part of this fall is due to weak oil prices, which is now leaving the economy in a gloomy position for the Canadian dollar.   CAD falls to 13-year low as traders bet BOC will lower ...

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    Top 10 Countries Travelers Spend The Most Money

    The World Economic Forum revealed which country is taking the #1 spot.

      We all know China continues to captivate the economic spotlight. And watch out because it’s also taking the number one spot for where tourists have spent the most groundbreaking amount of money last year, according to the United Nations World Tour...

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    China's Currency Dives As Stock Market Crashes

    Asian markets begin 2016's first trading day with a gloomy start.

      The Chinese stock market crashed again on Monday, causing the stock market to freeze trading for a day.   Chinese markets halt trading for day after shares plunge https://t.co/wiMhkiqR8q pic.twitter.com/ZBqH6Ocbfw — CNBC Internationa...

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    Russia Enforces Stricter Currency Exchange Rules

    The Central Bank of Russia has implemented a new rule for foreign exchange.

      The Central Bank of Russia has now started stricter currency exchange rules for everyone in the country. Effective Sunday, December 27 the buy and sell of anything above the amount of 15,000 rubles, which is about $207 U.S. dollars as of Decem...

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    Federal Reserve Raises Rates For The First Time Since 2006

    The Fed awakens: Decision is expected to make history for the U.S. economy.

    ...est rate went up to 0.25% on Wednesday. This decision to raise key interest rates has become a big moment for the U.S. economy proving that it has slowly shown signs of recovering from the global financial crisis.   U.S. stocks ra...

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    South African Rand On The Rebound

    President Jacob Zuma reappoints Pravin Gordhan following the worst market turmoil.

    Photo: Oritaku   For those of you that are awestruck about the sudden change in valuation of the South African rand, there’s definitely a reason behind it. As the currency chart reflects, the rand had a sharp decline followed...

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    United Airlines Introduces Free New Snacks In Economy

    The airline said it’s bringing back delicious airline perks beginning in February 2016.

    ... Airlines announced that beginning in February 2016 the 'stroopwafel' will be among United's free breakfast snack offerings for economy class passengers in North America and Latin America. USA Today reports, "The free snacks will be offered on all of U...

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    Brazil’s Economy Falls Into Record Breaking Depression

    South America’s largest country, Brazil is on track for the worst recession.

    ...get, the value of wages has fallen about 5% since May 2014, and the nation’s GDP is forecast to shrink about 4%. Warned the economy was slipping into a full blown depression, impeachment proceedings were initiated late Wednesday against President Dilma...

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    Chinese Yuan Approved By IMF As Exclusive World Currency

    The International Monetary Fund's decision marks an important milestone in China’s global financial integration.

      The Chinese yuan was approved as one of the world’s exclusive currencies on Monday, a milestone decision by the International Monetary Fund that highlights the country’s rising financial and economic weight. For the first time in over 15 years...

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    Argentina’s New President Promises To Change Currency Controls

    A wonderful new stage begins for Argentina, setting the stage for economic liberalization.

      Argentina voted for deep change on Sunday, electing Mauricio Macri to be president, setting the stage for economic liberalization, a warming of relations with the U.S. and political echoes across Latin America. Macri won 51.4 percent of t...

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    Chinese Yuan Set To Join IMF Currency Basket

    IMF staff determines the yuan meets the requirements to be a freely usable currency.

    ...ket. This would mark a symbolic coming of age for China as an economic power and an acceptance of its efforts to reform its economy to be more market driven. But what is the Special Drawing Rights? The SDR was created by the IMF in 1969 as a virtua...

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    Japan's Economy Bounces Back Into Recession

    Abenomics plan might have hit rock bottom for the second time.

      Japan's economy contracted in the third quarter as business investment fell, confirming what many economists had predicted: The nation fell into its second recession since Prime Minister Shinzo Abe took office in December 2012. Gross ...

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    2016 U.S.-China Tourism Year

    The United States and China have partnered to declared 2016 as the year for tourism.

    ...o see for yourself how American's will be affected by this new initiative. Whether you want to know the effect on jobs, the economy or what the top things to do are for international travelers while in the US. Learn more about America’s secon...

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    U.S. Dollar Gains Strength To Reach Euro By Year End

    For the first time since 2002, the dollar could soon be worth as much as the euro.

      The dollar is inching closer and closer to being worth the same as one euro. So is it time to book that long overdue trip to France, Italy or Spain? And will the U.S. dollar really reach parity with the euro anytime soon? A strong dol...

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    Turkish Lira Soars After AK Party Win

    Markets react positively on Monday setting a clear victory for the Turkish lira.

    ... In the months that followed, coalition talks between parties collapsed and uncertainty over who would run the $720 billion economy made Turkish assets even more vulnerable to a selloff across emerging markets, pushing the lira to a record low against ...

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    Currencies Change In Speculation Of Fed Meeting

    Waiting for the Fed: Here’s how central banks reacted before today's Fed meeting.

      The Fed rate might increase at today’s meeting at 4 percent and at about 35 percent by year end, as policy makers wrestle with slower growth in China and weak commodity prices that have weighed on inflation. Sweden’s central b...

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    London Looks To Become Center Of Chinese Currency Exchange

    China's president Xi Jinping makes first visit to U.K. and plans on building deeper economic ties.

      London already has 40 percent of global foreign exchange trading and wants to build on its dominant position by grabbing a major share of offshore renminbi trading. London's prowess in foreign-exchange trading has been a frequent them...

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    Costa Rica Currency Rises Above Others In Region

    Latin American currencies are decreasing in value this year, but the Costa Rica colon is thriving.

    ...rency, the colon, is up 1% against the dollar this year. That's no reason for a beach party, but it's a sign of an economy that's proven quite resilient. The very fact that Costa Rica's currency has gotten stronger against the doll...

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    Fed Outlook: European Shares Freeze As U.S. Dollar Dips

    Currencies struggle as hopes of a Fed rate rise this year grows dimmer.

      European shares froze on Monday, after their strong start to the fourth quarter while the dollar dipped towards three week lows, with investors skeptical the U.S. Federal Reserve would raise interest rates this year. Chinese stocks jumped...

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    Weekly Wanderlust

    Top social media posts our fans love from October 1 - 7.

      Facebook: Jennifer Aniston’s Worst Nightmare Just Came True Emirates Airlines, known for its top notch service and bonkers first-class amenities, has tapped Jennifer Aniston for its new TV ad. So what is the premise? Just press play below...

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    Top 10 Most Expensive Countries For Travelers

    Find out which countries are most likely to drain your holiday budget.

      The travel and tourism industry is a crucial generator of desired and very much needed revenue to support economic growth. Attracting large numbers of tourists is a key factor for economies all around the world. While price is only one of...

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    What The Trans Pacific Partnership Deal Means

    America and 11 other nations have signed up to a historic trade pact.

    ... potentially precedent-setting model for global commerce and worker standards that would tie together 40 percent of the world's economy, from Canada and Chile to Japan and Australia. The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) writes the rules for global trade...

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    Weekly Wanderlust

    Top social media posts our fans love from September 24 - 30.

    ...rkets and policymakers alike, is where the bottom lies for the Brazilian real as an austerity program designed to stabilize the economy runs into political headwinds. "The Brazilian real remains one of the key indicators for emerging market risk sentim...

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    Modi Makes Moves To Boost India's Economy

    Some call it a dramatic reversal for the economy, others are calling it the Modi effect.

    ...cal shocks, terrorism and the migrant crisis have added to economic difficulties. Challenges await Asia's third-largest economy. Infrastructure "Remains a major growth bottleneck," and electricity networks still needs a boost. India c...

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    China’s Currency Creeps Closer Towards Growth

    The Chinese yuan is indicating signals of reaching global reserve status.

    ... has two main criteria for measuring whether to include a currency in the SDR basket: the country's role as a major trading economy and whether its currency is "Freely usable". The big question for the IMF is not China's capital contr...

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    Weekly Wanderlust

    Top social media posts our fans love from September 17 - September 23.

      Facebook: New Incredible Fact Tourists Should Know About Visas Thailand's Ministry for Foreign Affairs has confirmed that it will be launching a new six month multiple entry tourist visa in November. In a notice posted to the Thai MFA's F...

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    7 Currencies That Can Make You Feel Like A Millionaire

    These countries with crazy currencies will make you feel like Richard Branson.

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    Why The Euro Could Weaken Its Currency

    The European Central Bank is set to increase its currency weakening stimulus this week.

      Goldman Sachs says the euro may fall up to 10 U.S. cents, as the European Central Bank is set to increase currency weakening stimulus to meet its inflation target. The investment bank predicts the ECB will maintain significant easing at i...

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    Here Is What Higher Fed Rates Could Mean For You

    Final countdown: All eyes are on the Fed, is it time for rates to take a hike?

    ...or the Federal Funds rate, a key interest rate between commercial banks which in turn influences borrowing costs throughout the economy. "Inflation is not a problem now, but zero rates are a recipe for excess inflation down the road. The longer the wai...

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    Which Emerging Markets Are At Highest Risk Of A Banking Crisis

    These banks are indicating early warning signs for most vulnerable to banking strains.

      Credit growth in China, Brazil and Turkey doesn't only risk pushing a hangover in bad debt, it also signals a banking crisis is on the horizon, according to the Bank for International Settlements. "Early warning indicators of ban...

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    What Experts Are Saying About The $73 Billion Puerto Rico Plan

    Puerto Rico said it faces a huge funding shortfall for debt payments over the next five years.

    ...said Puerto Rico will seek to restructure its debt in talks with creditors to avoid a legal chaos that could further weaken the economy. No estimates were provided of potential losses for the owners of Puerto Rico's $72 billion in debt. The fir...

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    Germany Approves Third Bailout For Greece

    German lawmakers overwhelmingly vote yes to 86 billion euros for Greek bailout.

      German lawmakers cleared the way for Greece's third bailout, voting for the financial lifeline of as much as 86 billion euros by a wide margin. Resistance grew in Chancellor Angela Merkel's caucus, where 63 lawmakers opposed the a...

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    Why Are Central Banks Playing A Global Game Of Chess

    The financial struggle is more than real and strategic.

      After the European Central Bank decided to initiate an asset purchasing program, President Mario Draghi reportedly elected to unwind with a game of chess on his iPad during the plane ride back to Rome. In a new commentary, the two portfol...

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    Weekly Wanderlust

    Top social media posts our fans love from August 20 - August 26.

      Facebook: 10 Incredible Travel Destinations That Will Give You Serious Wanderlust Attention travelers! We have put together an infograph and listed the top ten landmarks that make the ultimate travel list from Lonely Planet. For your trave...

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    What Impact Does China Have On Other Currencies

    The Chinese Yuan devaluation is shocking. Check out which foreign currencies are being hit hardest.

    ... 2% against the U.S. dollar to levels last seen in 2009. The Australian dollar is a major trading partner to China, and the economy would be hit hard by slowdown in Chinese growth, which would cause a reduction in the demand for commodities by the Asia...

    Tags: currency,currency exchange,money,economy,finance,china,yuan,russia,ruble,south africa,rand,canada,dollar,turkey,lira,norway,kroner,australia

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    5 Things You Need To Know About Black Monday

    Buckle up and get ready for the biggest market mayhem on Monday.

    ...th: 100%; height: 100%; }   Over to you Which is the worst economic crisis ever? Why is the Chinese economy crashing? What effect will the Yuan devaluation have on consumer prices in The United States and other countries around ...

    Tags: currency,currency exchange,money,economy,finance,markets,china,black monday,yuan,euro

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    China Currency Concerns Grow As International Stocks Drop

    Worries on China's economy are sending shock waves. Here is what you need to know about the yuan.

      Concerns about China's economy sent shock waves across global markets on Wednesday, shocking currency markets and crushing stocks. The turbulence came as China devalued its currency for a second straight day, after the Chinese central...

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    Weekly Wanderlust

    Top social media posts our fans love from July 30 - August 5.

    ... beginning of the year. The Canadian dollar story right now is mostly about the strength of the U.S. dollar as the American economy gathers steam. 'Don't fight the Bank of Canada' Chief economist David Rosenberg expects the Canadian dollar to go lo...

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    Puerto Rico Enters An Economic Death Spiral

    For the first time in history Puerto Rico is in default and has been dubbed "America's Greece."

    ...land, it only shrinks the tax base further, making it harder for the island to pay its debts.  "At some point the economy and the way of living in Puerto Rico, it's so bad that you start going crazy." This article originally appe...

    Tags: currency,currency exchange,money,economy,finance,default,puerto rico,travel,tourism

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    Why Airline Seats Will Make You Question Everything

    An insider new look at reinventing airline seats. Is this the most brilliant idea ever?

    ...he nation's airlines are now collecting hefty profits thanks in part to industrywide efforts to squeeze more seats into the economy section of most planes. If you thought airlines were finished trying to shoehorn more seats into each plane, think a...

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