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    Egypt Lifts Its Last Remaining Foreign Currency Restriction

    As their foreign currency resources have increased, Egypt’s central bank has found it best to eliminate its foreign currency controls.

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    Foreign Exchange: Qatari Riyal Currency in Crisis

    CXI is currently unable to buy or sell any Qatari riyal.

    .yellow-alert {background-color:rgba(255, 228, 140, 0.31); width:98%; margin: 10px auto; color: #e2a700; border: 1px solid #bb8f10; padding: 5px;} Update June 7, 2017: Qatar Riyals (QAR) Trading Suspended. Due to a deterioration of relations between ...

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    Egypt Devalues Currency to Get IMF Loan

    A new plan to float the pound is in the works.

      The International Monetary Fund has officially approved a three-year $12 billion loan to help support the country’s economic reform plan. Starting this month the government floated the Egyptian pound, and it has now lost 50 percent of its valu...

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    Central Bank of Egypt Devalues Currency

    Egypt’s economy is in turmoil and has introduced a plan to ease their short supply of dollars.

    Photo: flickr/emi moriya   The Central Bank of Egypt devalued its currency in an effort to achieve monetary stability in their economy. As a result the bank has decided to adopt a more flexible exchange rate system. Wall Street Journal repor...

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