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    Top 3 Emerging Trends with International Currency

    From plastic banknotes to digital payments, here’s a look at what’s trending in the global currency market.

    ...purchases. At CXI, we offer a multi-currency cash passport prepaid travel card that lets you hold up to six of the most popular foreign currencies at one time, learn more. 3. Digitization of Payments The adoption of digital payment practices a...

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    Top 10 Most Traded Currencies in the World

    The Japanese Yen comes in 3rd among the world’s most traded currencies.

    ...op 10 surprise you? Let us know in the comments below.         Get more foreign currency (FX) news >> Get free access to The Ultimate Guide for International Payments >>   ...

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    5 Facts About International Currencies

    Whoever said money doesn't grow on trees didn't know these facts.

    ...line-height:11px; } About Currency Exchange International Currency Exchange International (CXI) is a leading provider of foreign currency exchange services in North America for financial institutions, corporations and travelers. Products and service...

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