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    International wire transfer vs. PayPal: What are the benefits and challenges of each method of payment

    Here are some insights that highlight the benefits vs challenge for each method of making payments outside of the US.

    ...     In order to make a payment in the US most businesses might associate with PayPal, but what about making an international wire transfer payment? Does your business know the difference between these two payment options? Currency Exch...

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    A Quick Introduction to International Payments

    This is a brief breakdown to better understand what international payments are, the journey of a payment, best practices, and tips on how to control how you manage and make international payments.

    ...splay:inline-block; width:95%; min-width:200px; text-align: justify;} }  Innovate how you manage and make international payments Learn About CXI FX Now     Psst. Does your business need to pay vend...

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    The Process of An International Payment from Initiation to Destination

    This is the timeline and process of an international payment from the ordering customer to the beneficiary customer.

    ...splay:inline-block; width:95%; min-width:200px; text-align: justify;} }  Innovate how you manage and make international payments Learn About CXI FX Now     Trying to wrap your brain around the how&...

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    6 Key Benefits to International Payment Platform Integrations

    Today's consumer calls for a robust foreign exchange solutions with cutting-edge technology.

    ...splay:inline-block; width:95%; min-width:200px; text-align: justify;} }  Innovate how you manage and make international payments Learn About CXI FX Now     Go to any bank in the world and you&rsquo...

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    How SWIFT gpi Keeps International Payments Safe and Transparent

    SWIFT gpi isn't a security software, so how exactly does it offer businesses and financial institutions more security for international payments?

    ...splay:inline-block; width:95%; min-width:200px; text-align: justify;} }  Innovate how you manage and make international payments Learn About CXI FX Now     Similar to the way we appreciate an email...

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    CXI Expands Straight-Through-Processing of International Payments Solutions For Financial Institutions

    Currency Exchange International is pleased to announce a new international payments integration with WireXchange®, a wire transfer solution from financial services technology provider Fiserv.

    ...l, Corp. (TSX:CXI) (OTCBB:CURN), a full service foreign exchange technology and services provider, is pleased to announce a new international payments integration with WireXchange®, a wire transfer solution from financial services technology provider Fiser...

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    How it's Paid: 3 Big Reasons Why CXI uses SWIFT GPI for International Wire Payments

    There’s a reason why it’s going to be the new standard for all cross-border payments by 2020.

    ...s as well as trackable, real-time updates of cross-border payments. To learn more about the benefits of working with CXI on international wire transfers, visit ceifx.com.   Get more international payments news > Subscribe now to currency in...

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    How long will international wire transfers take to clear

    Learn how international wire transfers can be delayed, along with best practices to help ensure your funds are sent quickly.

    ...all now to become a CXI client. Schedule A Call Now     Does your business need to send an international transfer, but you’re not sure exactly how long it will take? The estimated time it takes to clear an interna...

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    CXI Introduces New Digital Remote Deposit For Canadian Checks

    A new check clearing solution for financial institutions and corporations is now here.

    ...dvantage of the convenience and cost savings associated with Digital Remote Deposit (DRD) including these main benefits:  .international-payment-solutions-container { width:100%; background:#ffffff; margin: 1%; } .international-payment-sol...

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    CXI Introduces New Case Studies and Resources for Financial Institutions and Corporations

    Get the latest insights on foreign currency and international payments with our new case studies and resources page.

    ...case studies and resources page. Now your financial institution or business can get the latest insights on foreign currency and international payments. CXI has helped hundreds of clients over the years by delivering enhanced revenue, optimizing operations,...

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    China’s Central Bank Increases International Payments Efficiency

    The People's Bank of China (PBC) introduces a new policy and extended hours of operation.

    The People's Bank of China (PBC) has recently reported the demand to improve their levels of effectiveness for international payments by extending the operating hours to clear higher cost transactions overnight. According to news from Reuters on...

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    What Corporations Need to Know About Beneficiary and IBAN Validations for International Payments

    Learn how beneficiary and IBAN validations reduce delays and errors with international payments.

      The ability for organizations to send secure, and timely international payments between financial institutions no matter where they are around the world ensures they can keep their business running. However, this is only one component in...

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    The Top 6 Needs For Corporations To Unleash the True Potential of Their International Payments

    Unlock your business revenue with solutions that meet your business needs.

      While corporations continue to evolve in the international payments landscape, so do their needs. Identifying those needs and their priority is one of the first stages of developing an international payments process. An effective internationa...

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    How Companies Save Money with a Dual Invoice for International Payments

    Immediately increase your company’s revenue by learning how to read a dual invoice.

      Does your business have foreign suppliers around the world that need to be paid? In a typical international payment scenario, suppliers are very aware of currency exchange rates and volatility risks. In order to cover this foreign exchan...

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    3 Crucial Questions Corporations Should Ask Their International Payments Providers

    Learn what choices your corporation might be missing from your international payments.

      Whether your corporation currently uses a bank or a broker for your international payments, many of them offer a limited amount of options. This could be because they don’t specialize to meet the full potential of your business needs, w...

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    CXI and Exchange Bank of Canada Sponsors Apparel & Textile Sourcing Canada 2017

    CXI and EBC will be speaking live and host a booth at Canada's Premier Apparel & Textile International Sourcing Trade Show.

    ...ietnam, Nepal and more, will share with Canadians their latest products and production processes to connect buyers to meet with international suppliers and create new business relationships. Meet the Experts Are you one of the lucky ones coming or ...

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    4 Unknown Ways to Transfer Funds with International Payments Corporations Can Use

    Explore all the international payment options your business should consider when transferring funds.

    ...y.       It’s time to get a better idea of your business needs and find an international payments solution that is specialized to solve your business needs. Which of these international payment terms rel...

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    3 Hidden International Payment Costs Your Corporation Is Probably Paying

    Get a closer look at what international fees you might be paying and how to avoid them.

      Unknown or hidden fees are at the cornerstone of international payments, and many corporations are unaware or don’t know what they’re being charged for every time a transaction takes place. In order to unleash the full potenti...

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    4 Industry Best Practices for International Payments

    Uncover all of your hidden international payment options.

    CXI delivers international payments solutions maximizing the value of each payment and creating efficient international payments processing. With CXI, corporations find a cost-effective solution backed by industry best practices and advance technology t...

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    20 Most Used Currencies for International Payments

    This report ranks currencies that were most used in 2015 vs. 2016.

      The international payments industry continues to grow at a rapid rate. With that demand in mind, it’s also valuable to understand how global EFT is able to reduce your currency transaction fees by utilizing local clearing networks. ...

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    How to Lower Exchange Rate Fees on International Payments

    A new low cost alternative that is beneficial for corporations.

      Is your company looking for a fair and transparent way to make international payments? Or is your department currently in the process of trying to find alternative ways to cut costs on those pesky wire or draft fees?  At the end of t...

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    7 Ways Corporations Can Benefit from Using CEIFX Software

    If foreign exchange is a core part of your business strategy then this is the solution.

    ...oftware development team that is dedicated to improve and create new features that keeps its software as a leading platform for international payments and foreign currency. All of our features are designed to save your business time, enhance efficienc...

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    9 Terms Corporations Should Know About International Payments

    Everything from Global EFT to ISO Codes explained.

    ...; 1. Spot (SWIFT Wire) The fastest method of making secure payments around the world. Using the SWIFT payment network, international wire transfers are quoted at the spot rate or the value of the currency at the current moment.   2. D...

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    How to Choose the Best International Payment Method

    These are the options and differences between each type of payment explained.

    ...tions on your mind to consider, CXI is here to help your business with turn-key solutions to unleash the true potential of your international payments.  Today's complex business environment demands having Currency Exchange International as your preferr...

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    3 Mistakes Corporations Should Avoid With International Payments To China

    These are the golden rules corporations must consider as a guideline for their international payments to China.

    ...ey, time and resources. As many might know, China is one of the main countries generating rapid growth as a destination for international payments. Its significant exports end up “contributing $65 billion, or 87 percent of total regional revenues...

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    CXI at BAFT: Putt for Dough Challenge

    You drove for show, now putt for dough.

    ... Currency Exchange International is proud to announce we will be attending the 2017 BAFT Global Annual Meeting as an international payments solution provider member at the Turnberry Isle Miami in Aventura, Florida from Sunday, Apr...

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    CXI Expands its International Payments and Integration Capabilities with Pathfinder Partnership and SWIFT Membership

    Currency Exchange International is pleased to announce it has partnered with...

    ...ions, to offer financial institutions better workflow automation and to facilitate the efficient completion of their end-to-end international wire transactions. The highly flexible interface enables The Pathfinder Group and its Wire Transfer System (W...

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    EPC Reveals Instant Credit Transfer Scheme for International Payments

    The European Payments Council announces a major milestone.

    ...universities, colleges, corporations, the travel industry, importers, and exporters as a reliable, cost effective means to send international payments.   What countries are available for global EFT in Europe? Europe: (via SEPA - Single Eur...

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    Exchange Bank of Canada’s CEO On Being Canada’s Foreign Exchange Specialist With Canadian Treasurer Magazine

    Exclusive interview with Canadian Treasurer about Canada's new schedule 1 bank.

    ...ed wholesale foreign exchange solutions to financial institutions and businesses, including the exchange of foreign currencies, international wire transfers, sale of foreign bank drafts, and foreign cheque clearing in the Canadian market. With the grou...

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