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    International wire transfer vs. PayPal: What are the benefits and challenges of each method of payment

    Here are some insights that highlight the benefits vs challenge for each method of making payments outside of the US.

    ...     In order to make a payment in the US most businesses might associate with PayPal, but what about making an international wire transfer payment? Does your business know the difference between these two payment options? Currency Exch...

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    How long will international wire transfers take to clear

    Learn how international wire transfers can be delayed, along with best practices to help ensure your funds are sent quickly.

    ...all now to become a CXI client. Schedule A Call Now     Does your business need to send an international transfer, but you’re not sure exactly how long it will take? The estimated time it takes to clear an interna...

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    How to Choose the Best International Payment Method

    These are the options and differences between each type of payment explained.

    ...tions on your mind to consider, CXI is here to help your business with turn-key solutions to unleash the true potential of your international payments.  Today's complex business environment demands having Currency Exchange International as your preferr...

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    SWIFT Unveils New Security Controls for International Wire Transfers

    A new way to prevent fraud and detect unusual payment flows faster.

    ...evelopment team is dedicated to improving and creating new features that keep CEIFX a leading platform for foreign currency and international payments. These features are designed to save you time, enhance your efficiency, streamline your processes, or str...

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