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    How much currency you need to go on vacation to Auckland, New Zealand

    Don't wonder any longer! We can tell you how much currency to bring to Auckland, New Zealand!

    ... Skycity view View On AirbnbSpecial Offer- Eclectic, Colourful Airplane-Themed Loft   Get more travel tips and news > Subscribe now to platinum passport >   .boiler { border: 1px solid #072B68; background-color: #EA...

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    5 Captivating Facts about the New Zealand Dollar

    Do you think you know the "kiwi"? See how much you know about New Zealand's cash!

    ...as introduced. In 1967, the Decimal Currency act went into place in order to decimalize the currency. On the same day this new act went into effect, the New Zealand dollar was introduced. Watermarks and Security Features As one of the most sec...

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    The History of Women on Money

    Did you know other currencies feature women?

    ...gland has included Queen Elizabeth II on every note since 1960. In addition to this, they have featured other women such as the newest £10 note featuring Jane Austen released last September. Other women that have been featured on England’s...

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    New Zealand Introduces New Currencies

    The Reserve Bank of New Zealand has three new banknotes that will begin circulating soon.

    Photo: Reserve Bank of New Zealand | Flickr   The Reserve Bank of New Zealand has announced three new currency notes that will begin circulating on May 16. The new series 7 banknotes you should be on the lookout for are the $20, $50 and $10...

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