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    China’s Central Bank Increases International Payments Efficiency

    The People's Bank of China (PBC) introduces a new policy and extended hours of operation.

    ...e and investment,” according to PBC.   What does China's improved international payments policy mean for banks, traders, and investors? In the first part of the new policy, PBC highlights all cross-border business currently a...

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    China Escalates Efforts to Support the Yuan

    Here is why China is focusing on increasing the value of the yuan.

    ...ue of the yuan against the dollar and intervening in the offshore market are just a couple of the beginning efforts the central bank has implemented. Here’s a look at the impact this decision is having on the economy. After a lengthy buildup of d...

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    3 Mistakes Corporations Should Avoid With International Payments To China

    These are the golden rules corporations must consider as a guideline for their international payments to China.

    ...g format of Renminbi. To promote cross-border trade flows, PBOC allows qualified transactions to be executed either at the interbank CNH rate or at the onshore CNY rate. 2. Getting International Payment Information Details Wrong    ...

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