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    The Complexity of Currency Design Revealed

    It isn’t easy to make a banknote both aesthetic and functional at the same time.

    ...e sure the banknotes were still readable and easily distinguishable with the additional designs. The use of technology and polymer notes today help the security features remain discrete, while protecting against counterfeit. Evolution of Currency ...

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    Swiss National Bank Announces New Currency to Enter Circulation

    The Swiss National Bank will release new CHF 200 banknotes on August 22.

    ...series and is set to be released into circulation on August 22. The new series of banknotes is made of a mix of cotton and polymer, with two outer layers of cotton paper and a polymer core. This use of materials makes the new banknotes more durable th...

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    Bank of England: The British £10 Banknote is Being Withdrawn from Circulation

    Here's what to do with your £10 banknotes before and after March 1, 2018.

    ... The £10 is the second bill, following the £5 note, the Bank of England has introduced in its new collection of polymer banknotes. The conversion from paper to polymer is being implemented as polymer notes are cleaner, safer, and more ...

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    Why Plastic Banknotes Could Be Currency of the Future

    The new £10 note continues the trend of plastic banknotes.

    ...ne is easy with OnlineFX. ORDER FOREIGN CURRENCY     The Bank of England is continuing the polymer banknote trend with its second plastic banknote design. An idea that originated in Australia, plastic banknotes are beco...

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