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    4 Surprising Facts You Didn't Know About the Chinese Yuan

    Have you ever taken a close look at your Chinese yuan? See if you've observed these characteristics on "the people's money."

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    The Inclusion of the Yuan Currency in the Special Drawing Rights

    Introduction of the Chinese yuan into the SDR is the first currency addition since 1999.

    ...quo;s monetary, foreign exchange, and financial systems progress. By being included in the SDR basket, it's likely that the renminbi’s international role will see even more of an increase. As you can see, the International Monetary Fund is co...

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    The Decline of the Euro as an International Currency

    See why the euro is experiencing a decline in its use as an international currency.

    ... during this past year the use of the euro has declined. With other emerging market currencies on the rise, such as the Chinese renminbi, the euro faces some competition. “The biggest drop was recorded in the use of the euro as a funding currency...

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    3 Mistakes Corporations Should Avoid With International Payments To China

    These are the golden rules corporations must consider as a guideline for their international payments to China.

      International payments are necessary for corporations to make their payments abroad, but having certain mistakes along the way can ultimately end up costing you a lot of money, time and resources. As many might know, China is one of the m...

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    China's Currency Dives As Stock Market Crashes

    Asian markets begin 2016's first trading day with a gloomy start.

      The Chinese stock market crashed again on Monday, causing the stock market to freeze trading for a day.   Chinese markets halt trading for day after shares plunge https://t.co/wiMhkiqR8q pic.twitter.com/ZBqH6Ocbfw — CNBC Internationa...

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    Chinese Yuan Approved By IMF As Exclusive World Currency

    The International Monetary Fund's decision marks an important milestone in China’s global financial integration.

      The Chinese yuan was approved as one of the world’s exclusive currencies on Monday, a milestone decision by the International Monetary Fund that highlights the country’s rising financial and economic weight. For the first time in over 15 years...

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